DVD The Island

DVD The Island
DVD The Island

Run time: 95 min
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Kamen Kalev
Writers: Kamen Kalev
Stars: Laetitia Casta, Thure Lindhardt, Bertille Chabert
Sophie and Daneel, both in their early thirties, are a close and passionate couple living in Paris. Sophie initiates a surprise journey to Bulgaria… See full synopsis »
Country: Bulgaria, Sweden
Release Date: 10 October 2011 (Bulgaria)
Box Office
Budget: €1,500,000 (estimated)


  1. I went to see this movie with a pretty large group of people. Everyone liked the director's previous work, everyone had seen the trailer and was fairly excited for the film. Afterwards- 3 out of 27 people liked it.

    I was one of them. The others were blindly mouthing things like "Complete trash", "so boring", "pointless". Although my simple solution to the question why nobody liked it IS "because they're idiotic", additionally I have to say that perhaps if you're someone who has never even asked himself who he is, just goes to the gym, hangs out, works and yes, goes to the cinema- then I'm sorry, not only did you not get what the movie is about but it was like the Forbidden Land to you.

    The movie is amazing, it's just very different. And exactly this makes me completely crazy about it, as well as it makes most people dislike it. Yes, it doesn't even follow a strict plot, yes, it moves kind of slowly, but after all the idea is exceptional. It's not about cancer, or war, or love, it's about what's inside a person, how he identifies himself or more- how society does it for him and he's left questioning everything, from who his parents are to his daily mood.

    Very rarely are movies like this made and I think it's freaking insulting and shameful to give it such a low rating, while some horrible BG movies like the disgrace to art Love.net have over 8.

  2. What was this movie even about..? No idea what happened… Lots of pretty shots, locations and music. But apart of that I was waiting for something to happen the entire time. It's like 2 movies got mixed together in the editing. Or maybe the three editors were each given a piece and at they end they just stitched them up in the resulting nonsense. Yes, we saw Laetitia Casta's butt… but was it worth the wait. I don't think so. (My friend liked it because she found out she looks like the main actress) Trying to be deep but resulting in nothing at all. Or maybe too deep for my ordinary brain to comprehend. Anyway, not worth your time.

  3. It's a rare for a young director to score high on making his second movie, especially if the first one was successful. Unfortunately, this is the case with «The Island». As much as Kamen Kalev's debut, «Eastern Plays», was emotionally intense, is this one empty and abstract. Daneel, the main character, remained almost as vague and distant to me at the end as he was in the beginning which was promising to take us on an inner journey of emptying his mind and filling his heart. There was some attempt of conflict between him and his girlfriend but it was cut in its beginning and did not develop at all.

    Laetitia Casta seems to have been chosen for the lead female role based on her prominence as a model and beautiful body, not dramatic skills. Her emotional range was limited to either a seductive look or sullen temper.

  4. Bulgarian screenwriter and director Kamen Kalev's second feature film which he also wrote and co-produced with Anguel Christanov and Fredrik Zander, is a Bulgarian-Swedish co-production which was shot in Paris, France and on various locations in Bulgaria. It tells the story about Daneel and Sophie, a happy young couple who lives in Paris, France. In order to get a break from their everyday life in the city they have decided to take a vacation. Sophie has arranged everything for them and is looking forward to surprise Daneel, but when they arrive at the airport and Daneel learns that they are traveling to Bulgaria, he freaks out and begins to tell Sophie things that she didn't know.

    Finely directed by Kamen Kalev and notable for it's ardent naturalistic milieu depictions and the compelling cinematography by Bulgarian cinematographer Julian Atanassov, this humorous and insightful tale draws an invariably engaging portrayal of two young lovers who while vacationing on an idyllic Island discovers new things about themselves and one another. Impelled by it's colorful characters, this philosophical and well-paced independent film which is superbly written and narrated depicts an extraordinary study of character about a young man's astounding catharsis.

    Examining themes such as interpersonal relations, self-discovery and coming-of-age, this atmospheric and life-affirming love-story is reinforced by it's quick-witted dialog, Danish actor Thure Lindhardt's exceptional acting performance and the fine acting performances by French actress Laetita Casta and Chilean actor, screenwriter and director Alejandro Jodorowsky. A charismatic, romantic, adventurous and exhilarating fictional story about a capricious relationship.

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