DVD The Jack of Spades

DVD The Jack of Spades
DVD The Jack of Spades
Run time: 96 min
Rating: 6.3
Genres: Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Director: Miceal Og O’Donnell
Writers: Thomas Johnson
Stars: Joseph Meissner, Holly Rochelle, Dan DeLuca
In a marginalized New Orleans still trying desperately to recover from Katrina, a private eye on the fringes of society reluctantly investigates two murders – one present day, one thirty years old. But even as detective Jack Spade encounters ancient French Quarter jewelers, shifty bayou drunks, rich uptown socialites, mysterious street prostitutes, exotic voodoo fortune tellers, corrupt police lieutenants, and homicidal Mardi Gras jesters – none of whom he can trust individually – he can’t continue to ignore the mounting evidence that his father may have been involved in both crimes. Ultimately, the only way for Jake Spade to discover the truth may be to unlock the secret of four identical paintings, each depicting four playing cards – the three of diamonds, the king of clubs, the ace of hearts, and THE JACK OF SPADES. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: character name in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,500,000 (estimated)

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