DVD The Resurrection of Tony Gitone

DVD The Resurrection of Tony Gitone
DVD The Resurrection of Tony Gitone
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Drama
Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
Writers: Jerry Ciccoritti, Jennifer Deyell
Stars: Alvaro D’Antonio, Ron Lea, Tony Nardi
Nino is back in Canada after years of struggle in Hollywood. He’s got his big break: leading man in a new film by a very important American director, starring opposite the international star Vanessa Luna – and it shoots back in his hometown Toronto. Mario, owner of “Il Gatto Nero” – the heart of Little Italy – is throwing a small private after-hours party to celebrate the success of the homecoming immigrant kid making good. Lots of wine and Italian food is on the menu. The guest list is a cross-section of Italian Immigrant life: Leo, the contractor who just found out his wife’s cheating on him; Frankie, who published a tell-all novel about the community; Alberto, whose family runs the multicultural radio & television network; Eddie who just had his restaurant foreclosed; Bruno who left a life in the mob to become a chef; Michael, a desperate salesman who just might be the guy screwing Leo’s wife. And Vince, an aging film director recovering from heart surgery who is – through the … Written by JC
Release Date: 29 March 2013 (Canada)

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  1. Being from the neighbourhood the movie was filmed in and Italian, I may have a biased opinion of this movie, but regardless it was brilliantly acted. It didn't have the special effects and complicated storyline a bigger budget movie might have had but it didn't require anything but a room full of paisans gathered together in a restaurant after hours to celebrate one of their won making it big in Holllywood, or so they all thought until the truth is revealed! It's touches on aspects of life we all go through and I personally have been involved in a very similar scenario as the movie depicted a few up years back! If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favour and watch it, I promise you won't regret it, a beautiful piece of work!!

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