DVD The Show Must Go On

DVD The Show Must Go On
DVD The Show Must Go On
Run time: 80 min
Rating: 7.3
Genres: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Director: Nevio Marasovic
Writers: Nevio Marasovic
Stars: Sven Medvesek, Natasa Dorcic, Ivana Roscic
During a reality show a war starts, but the producer will do anything to hide it from the contestants.
Plot Keywords: dystopia, fictional war, voyeurism, tv show in film, television
Country: Croatia
Release Date: 17 July 2010 (Croatia)


  1. I'm Croatian, and this movie is a Croatian movie. But the theme is universal and very modern. In a "big brother" show called Housed a dozen of couples fight for the prize. Meanwhile in the real world starts the global conflict between NATO and the Eastern alliance. The producer decides to hide the truth from the contenders in the house… The story is told in a Pulp Fiction nonlinear way, it has a real depth and meaning, the main characters are well portrayed and acted, and the special effects are excellent for the budget they had to shot the movie. I hope it'll reach broader audience because this movie truly deserves that. I saw it last night in the Amfitheatre in Pula (Croatia) at it's world premiere…

  2. First of all I'm a Croat and this is the best Croatian film in the last 10 years, therefore I can not be objective. I gave it 8/10 but this film deserves 7/10. So there you have it patriotism at work.

    Secondly this film was made for 40,000$ but looks like it costed couple of millions, which means that the crew who made this film are actually wizards in real life, apprentice's of Gandalf himself (there is no other explanation).

    Set somewhere in the near future the film depicts parallel plots, a clone of a "Big Brother" show (called Housed!), World War 3 going nuclear and messed up relationship between divorced parents arguing over their kid. Messes up parents are TV personalities, father is a producer of a "Big Brother" show and mother is a host and editor of a major news TV station (EUROTV). The people in the "Big Brother" show are unaware of the ongoings in the outside world, and the war is fought between the NATO and some unspecified "Eastern Alliance". That's all I'll say about the plot.

    Plots revolve non-linear and are a refreshment for Croatian cinematography. Acting is mostly good, with just couple of scenes unbalanced which is a HUGE improvement for our small cinematography.

    Anyway I recommend this film to everyone who likes SF, post-apocalypse genre.

    PS – Did I mention that this film was made for 40,000$?!!! I can't believe it, you won't believe it but amazingly enough it's true

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