DVD The Stoker

DVD The Stoker
DVD The Stoker
Run time: 87 min
Rating: 6.7
Genres: Crime | Drama
Director: Aleksey Balabanov
Writers: Aleksey Balabanov
Stars: Mikhail Skryabin, Yuriy Matveev, Aleksandr Mosin
Country: Russia
Release Date: 17 May 2013 (UK)


  1. Yes, a good movie: good picture, good (very good) camera, good acting of the fireman that is in the cast of cargo 200 too; other actors are "street real" and they are great for what they have to do. The music is perfect, and the 90's Russia atmosphere is almost in every frame of this movie. If you love Russian atmosphere, gangster, shooting, action this is the film for you: this film shows something that nobody wants to remember but you have to watch other films of this great director and study a bit of history (maybe even go to little Odessa and have a talk with someone) if you want to appreciate it all. It is not the story that makes the point is everything around it, that is why i love Balabanov. Great work Mr. Balabanov Sorry for my bad English Greetings from Italy.

  2. An intriguing but ultimately slight drama about murder and revenge from Russian director Aleksey Balabanov (Morphia, etc). Ivan Skriabin (Mikhail Skryabin) is a former soldier and decorated war hero, and veteran of the campaign in Afghanistan. After suffering concussion following a bomb blast, he now ekes out an existence by working as a stoker, keeping the massive furnaces burning in a sprawling industrial complex. He is also writing a novel on a battered old typewriter. But local gangsters, working for a man known as Sergeant, also occasionally use the furnaces to dispose of bodies. Skriabin is a passive witness to their activities, until his own daughter Sasha becomes a victim and he seeks revenge on her killers. Balabanov gives us a glimpse into a darker underbelly of a contemporary St Petersberg, a venal and corrupt city where wealthy gangsters now wield power and where old soldiers are yesterday's heroes. The performances from the largely unknown cast are quite good, and theatre veteran Skryabin brings a touching and suitably haunted edge to his performance. Balabanov's script is sparse and peppered with touches of wry humour, and his signature violence is again unexpected and shocking. Balabanov's regular cinematographer Aleksandr Simonov captures some wonderful images of the snow covered city scape, while DiDiuLia's jaunty music score offers a counterpoint to the violence that follows.

  3. first of all i have some spoilers down here, so keep that in mind. I don't know where to begin, on one hand you have a serious feel to the movie but on the other it does get a little ridiculous. There is a great deal of awkwardness to some scenes that you start to sort of feel bad for the characters. And its not because of the bad acting, just wrong place and time. Nude scenes are completely useless if not just to show us how she looks like naked, and extras work is just too obvious. Story is a classic gangster work of the 90s Russia. Probably the best aspect of the seen, was camera-work that gives you smooth picture and angles, but for the rest i really hope it was meant to be some sort of avantgarde parody on all of movie making because of not, its just really poorly made. The only place it caught my attention was at the end when Kochegar fella starts to worry and you feel for him. The very end (story he writes) was just… I've never seen anything more pathetic that that. so 4/10 should do the job. For heavy 90s Russia appreciators.

  4. One of my most favourite movies is Brat by Balabanov. Thus, having read somewhere that Russian movie critics called Kochegar the best Russian movie of 2010, and its plot is quite similar to that of Brat, I was expecting something at least as good. I was wrong. Comparing these two movies, I should say that when watching Brat, I have a feeling of seeing truth. Watching Kochegar, I feel seeing artificial people in artificial situations. Apparently, Mr. Balabanov forgot that a good movie should teach, should send some message. This movie just shows the very dark and vicious sides of life without any message. Just blunt murder and blunt nudity. Something is wrong – either with Russia, or with Balabanov, or with me.

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