DVD The Ultimate Life

DVD The Ultimate Life
DVD The Ultimate Life
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Drama | Romance
Director: Michael Landon Jr.
Writers: Brian Bird, Cheryl McKay
Stars: Logan Bartholomew, Peter Fonda, Ali Hillis
Jason Stevens survived the journey his grandfather Red Stevens sent him through for “the Ultimate Gift”. Now…That gift which includes managing a Billion dollar foundation is being challenged by his own family. In a courtroom battle…his assets are seized…his love interest with Alexia gets complicated…Jason could lose it all…He is now on a quest to discover what it truly means to fulfill his destiny…And Live. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: rags to riches, billionaire, haiti, red haired man, life lesson
Country: USA
Release Date: 6 September 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $3,100,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $659,912 (USA) (6 September 2013)
Gross: $1,326,059 (USA) (4 October 2013)


  1. I really enjoyed The Ultimate Gift (original film) and saw it at a time in my life where it really hit home and really registered with me. I was greatly looking forward to this sequel. Having said that, something seemed missing this time around. To be honest, this entire movie feels like DVD bonus material for that original film. That's not a bad thing but despite a great message, this effort feels lacking. I enjoyed the Red Stevens back story but the writing and story feels somewhat shallow and incomplete. Since I enjoyed and was moved by the first film, this extended look appealed to me. Truthfully, as a stand alone film it really doesn't hold up well at all even delivering a wonderful message and few points to live by and dwell upon.

    More than worth watching if you enjoyed the first film.

  2. When The Ultimate Life was released, I decided to go to the theater to watch it, thinking that it would be as good as The Ultimate Gift (I've watched that movie a few times, including shortly before going to see The Ultimate Life) – The Ultimate Life ended up being an unnecessary addition to the original, unless you're interested in the family's background and don't like the ending of the original movie. If you haven't seen The Ultimate Gift, be sure to watch that movie before viewing The Ultimate Life. Once again Jason is learning how to be a model citizen, but this time through reading his grandfather's journal. The prequel (most of the movie) shows Red at a young age, how the family became rich, and how his mistakes led to some of the family's problems (more money was never enough to him, he neglected his family). Red's change in character is shown, but unfortunately it came too late for his own children (most followed the bad example he set for them when they were younger). The sequel is predictable to anyone who's watched The Ultimate Gift. Some people think that this movie is Christian – The truth is that there is very little mention of God or anything else associated with Christianity (most people would agree with the movie's message, regardless of religion).

  3. I usually do not find a lot to be critical of in a movie. I like cheesy action films, bad comedies, and overdone dramas. But this movie was just awful.

    The acting looked like it was from a whose line is it anyway skit. It was like the skit where one actor is given a character to play and they overact it so ridiculously that the other improvist can easily guess who they are. And this acting was pervasive throughout the film.

    The interactions between the characters were unbelievable. The main guy, proposing to his girlfriend with the ring in hand, is served a subpoena and promptly puts the ring away and leaves the girlfriend there alone. I get it. The guy has his priorities mixed up. But, that's ridiculous. Additionally, the whole movie is a flashback that the main guy is reading about in his grandpa's journal. After a night's reading, he is a changed man, and is now worthy of his girlfriend. Come on.

    But the frustration continues. The flashback portion of the movie takes us back to late depression era USA. Following the grandpa now (who is 15 at the time) we get to see comical attempts in recreating the time periods. Sitting around the table in an obviously poor apartment, is the grandpa's family. His younger brother has on a t shirt that was clearly bought at old navy. Later, the grandpa is getting paid for a day's work. The dollars he is paid in look suspicious from a distant camera shot, but whatever. But then, the camera zooms in nice and close to show 20s that are clearly a modern design. These are small things that honestly made the whole movie look silly.

    I suppose those involved with making this movie are of the mindset that the wonderful message behind it absolves them of any professional film making responsibility. In reality, they do that wonderful message injustice by expressing it through unbelievable dialog, poor acting, comical laziness in recreating time eras, and logic defying character development.

  4. This is a sequel to the 2006s 'The Ultimate Gift'. The story commences from where It ended in the first, but after opening few minutes it takes us to the flashback story in the earlier decades. It was not a bad story at all, but it did not have any valuable film stars in it to lighten up. Especially failing to bring back Drew Fuller was the biggest drawback for this sequel. Other than that it was well filmed in beautiful places in the United States. This movie was not bad as you heard about it. If you try it once, you will realise what I was saying. It is a fine B movie.


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