DVD Thillu Mullu

DVD Thillu Mullu
DVD Thillu Mullu

Run time: 140 min
Rating: 4.3
Genres: Comedy
Director: Badri
Writers: Badri
Stars: Shiva, Prakash Raj, Isha Talwar
Pasupathy (Shiva) the nomad is in search of a job desperately so that he can clear his loans and also get his sister married off, like a “one shot two mango” thing. So he gets a job not without unleashing a volley of lies to the MD (Prakashraj). Post winning the heart of the company’s MD, Shiva’s dice of life rolls out as a stack of lies that keep piling up. He tricks the MD by claiming he has a twin brother who is a menacing Karate master, but full of rotten values. One lie just leads him to another and that just doesn’t stop there, as he has no other option to retain his Samaritan character. The striking difference between Pasupathy and his brother Kandan is cat eyes and riding on that he shuttles between Karate Classes and his work, not to leave out the maid-turned-mother (Kovai Sarala). Shiva’s good boy image just keeps peaking and so does his lies and as always truth is very bitter, and has to come out one day. The rest is all history unveiling itself. Written by Bhuvanesh Kumar
Country: India
Release Date: 14 June 2013 (India)


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    Thillu Mullu (U) TAMIL ——————— my Rating : ★ IRRITATING

    STRENGTHS :- * Casting : was good but not well used ….. * Santhanam Cameo was enjoyable ….

    WEAKNESSES :- * Everything……

    FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall…. Old version is best than the new one ….. Please avoid this ….

    Thillu Mullu is a comedy film directed by Badri starring Shiva and Isha Talwar. It is a remake of Rajinikanth's film Thillu Mullu which was released in the year 1981. Shiva, Prakash raj.

  2. This movie is not worth watching. The original version is 100 times better than this movie. The screenplay is the biggest drawback in this movie.

    Siva acting and Heroine acting is also not good.

    I had high expectation about this movie and wasted my time watching with family.

    Kovai sarala & Prakash raj acting is OK, but not used properly.

    2 songs are good, but still same as the original version. I think the movie makers should watch the movie at least once then they will understand how boring the movie is.

  3. A Nice Movie By Director Badri(Kalakalapu Dialouge writer) Most of the comedy scenes were good. Prakashraj acting was Excellent. Heroine was not good in her acting . Shiva as usual made his mark. Songs in this movie were not good. Mano Bala scenes were dragging. The story was similar to the Old Thillu Mullu.Some changes were made to the climax compared to the older movie.Fight scenes in this movie is useless.Some useless comedies were present. Song before the climax was waste of time.For some scenes me and my friend were laughing. Parotta Soori doesn't fit that character. verdict: movie was below average. Rating:5/10.

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