DVD Torn

DVD Torn
DVD Torn
Run time: 80 min
Rating: 5.6
Genres: Drama
Director: Jeremiah Birnbaum
Writers: Michael Richter, Michael Richter
Stars: Mahnoor Baloch, Faran Tahir, Dendrie Taylor
Two families bond when their teenage sons are killed in an explosion at a suburban mall only to discover one of their children is the prime suspect.
Plot Keywords: number in title
Country: Pakistan, USA
Release Date: 18 October 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $450,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $4,881 (USA) (18 October 2013)
Gross: $4,881 (USA) (18 October 2013)


  1. Yeah they are all torn, and pulled from their safe places, and no one will be sure what to believe anymore. No better mystery, than one allowed to unfold on it's own. This is a deeply emotional story, and you will be torn along with the players as the blame bounces from Son, to Son. The acting is great, and the film making is very good for the equipment that would have been used. There is very clear direction, and the story as I mentioned is deep, and winding. I personally did not just fall into this movie, I found it rough, and difficult to watch at first, but then the Mothers both won me over with the full force of rumors tearing at them each in turn. I did end up Enjoying this movie, and I would recommend this one, it is unpolished, but for a lover of true feeling, and good drama this could be a big win. If you are in need of a big movie fix, this is not it, but it is a nice little movie.

    Jesse of http://www.Jesse.ca

  2. This film establishes characters and follows their emotional vacillations in such a conscientious, thorough manner that its compassion becomes powerful. It's neither formulaic nor lazy, and offers a refreshing lack of cynicism, even granting some noble courage to characters who might not in reality be so graceful.

    Neither angry nor pretentious, the film also never struggles to be more than what it is: a pleasantly optimistic, hopeful depiction of how people might heal under the weight of distraction following a tragedy.

    The performances are excellent, and help to make the film very engrossing.

  3. In a town in the USA two families share the same harsh fate. But they are from two different cultures, and the movie revolve around this subject. How do they cope, and how do their surroundings respond to them. Sounds boring huh? Let me try again, this movie is excruciating honest, and it will leave you with a feeling of shame. If you're a parent, watch this movie. If you think Muslims from the middle east all are evil, except from the 2 you know personally, watch this movie. If you are young in The States, and got this movie on your to see list, imagine that the two main chars, instead of being left alone to deal with their tragedy, would have gotten professional help from the government.

    I cant help wonder how this movie got a score of 5,4. Perhaps the reason for setting a low score, could be that the movie gives a nuanced view upon Muslims and how we/the media treat them.

  4. Just started to watch this movie in Pakistan, to see how Mahnoor Baloch acted. But after sometime script was all over my mind. At the end, I was feeling bit low about our thoughts and assumptions.

    That's what we are. We just believe on whatever our media and govt projects. Even the investigations are more focused to make suspects if you don't have any. Movie also reflects how incomplete facts always hurt peoples, cultures, families and even nation's behavior towards each other.

    I feel the movie was cut short for the sake of time. It could have been in more detail. If you are planning to watch a serious movie with a good ending. You must watch it.

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