DVD Treasure Chest of Horrors II

DVD Treasure Chest of Horrors II
DVD Treasure Chest of Horrors II

Run time: 82 min
Rating: 3.2
Genres: Comedy | Horror | Thriller
Director: M. Kelley, Shawn C. Phillips
Writers: Shawn C. Phillips, Shawn C. Phillips
Stars: Veronica Ricci, Nicholas Adam Clark, James Cullen Bressack
Mona Screamalot, along with her crazy family, prepares you for six short horror films from deep within her trashy treasure chest. This anthology features party killers, giant killer babies, an angry murderous child, a bacterial infection like no other, a murderous cross dresser,a killer in the woods, and Satan. Oh yeah, don’t forget the buckets of blood. Written by Mona
Plot Keywords: numbered sequel, second part, sequel, second in series, number in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 23 April 2013 (USA)


  1. "Treasure Chest Of Horrors II" is the second in the anthology series from Psykik Junky Pictures. This time around it is hosted by Mona Screamalot and her clan of delinquent family members. There are six tales of bizarre, psychotic plays of truly twisted visions. The anthology like a lot of the films I have come to know from these guys are a total tribute to Kaufman and TROMA studios. I am glad to see the new generation of indie minds that TROMA has contaminated finally making their presence known. I loved the old TROMA stuff and much like those flicks these shorts carry that same demented theme of outlandish characters and unusual and outlandish stories of twisted lives. Low budget this tacky is such a treat to enjoy especially when the humor is so dark and witty.

    Trendish is a hilarious off-beat short that is straight out of a hallucinatory dreamscape. It is a truly black comedy that is completely bizarre. This is a fun twisted little short film.

    Baby Cakes is a strange and gross short film. There are some funny moments, dark but funny. I did enjoy the "baby tamer". He is hilarious on screen.

    Bloody Hell is an unusual but darker story that makes absolutely no sense. "Kids prospecting for oil in the middle of the woods in 2012 America?!" That aside it takes a serious tone which allowed for a creepier story. Still it is a "What The Hell" short film that made no sense at all to me. I did like the voice over effect.

    The Prom is another strange and off-beat short. It is filled with a lot oddities. It is twisted and funny.

    The Caged Girl? What a twisted tale indeed. A story of obsession and relationships in bizarro world. Like most of the shorts in this anthology this one is totally TROMA. This is a love psychotic.

    Pain In The Gums is a short that is weird. It is a glimpse into Psychoville. It is very out there and has classic Kaufman written all over it. It is gross and unusual and hilarious.

    If you love low budget gross-out flicks that true to the style set forth by cult gurus like Lloyd Kaufman and TROMA studios then you will enjoy this anthology. It is low brow, funny and tacky. It is also very entertaining and Shawn C. Phillips is hilarious.

  2. Mona Screamalot (redhead hottie Veronica Ricci) and her crazy hillbilly family relate six tales of terror. Said stories center on a hopelessly uncool dork who kills his family on Christmas day because he didn't get the right hat as a present, a giant killer baby (pudgy indie horror mainstay Shawn C. Phillips in a diaper), a backwoods psycho cannibal who butchers a bunch of folks looking for oil in his neck of the woods, two geeks who get killed at a prom, a sicko holding a girl (Phillips again in drag and a curly blonde wig) captive in his basement, and, in the best, most funny, and inspired segment, a hapless guy is driven insane by a painful and irritating bacterial infection in his gums. Boy, does this flick possess all the correct endearingly cruddy bad movie vices to qualify as an entertaining schlockfest: Amateurish acting by a lame no-name cast, tacky make-up, clumsy use of strenuous slow motion, an amusing sense of cheerful lowbrow humor, a meandering pace, ham-fisted (mis)direction, crude cinematography, and cheesy gore. A deliciously crummy hoot.

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