DVD Una Casa Frente al Mar

DVD Una Casa Frente al Mar
DVD Una Casa Frente al Mar
Run time: 64 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Adventure | Comedy | Mystery
Director: Clara Martínez Lázaro
Writers: Clara Martinez-Lazaro
Stars: Roberto da Silva
Gaspar is returning home after some time, but his keys won’t let him into the house. Olivia, his ex-girlfriend, has changed the locks and is now sharing their house with a friend in common, Poppy. Soon, new unknown guests will arrive to the house and they will all become house mates. The weirdness that some of them present is contagious and a strange, surreal atmosphere will develop into the seek of a treasure that, according to the legend, is buried in the Island of the Dragon, just across the sea from their home… Written by Anonymous
Country: Spain

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