DVD Use Your Delusion

DVD Use Your Delusion
DVD Use Your Delusion

Run time: 98 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Tuan Hong, Alexander Moscato
Writers: Mark Paul Anderson, Mark Paul Anderson
Stars: Mark Paul Anderson, Doug Jackson, Tomislav Jovanovic
A dark surreal comedy about 4 foreign contestants who venture to Japan to compete in a karaoke tournament. Use Your Delusion is a film that spoofs the identity crisis that the traditional music industry and it’s shallow value system is facing today as the digital age threatens its traditional hegemony. Faced with the reality of plummeting CD sales, big time music producer Phil Dutton starts a karaoke tournament in Japan broad-casted through the Internet in the hopes of capturing the digital market. But subsidiary to the event are its foreign contestants. Ridden with split personalities and delusions of grandeur, our contestants take us on an absurd journey as the audience is left questioning their true identities. Written by Alexander Moscato
Country: Japan

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