DVD Varudu

DVD Varudu
DVD Varudu

Run time: 147 min
Rating: 3.6
Genres: Action | Crime | Drama
Director: Gunasekhar
Writers: Gunasekhar, Prasad Thota
Stars: Suhasini, Sayaji Shinde, Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
About to re-locate to the U.S. but refusing to accept a lip-locked kiss from sexy Nisha, Sandeep informs his parents that he would like to get married to a girl of their choice in traditional Hindu style without seeing the girl. His parents, Advocate Vasanthi and Rajgopal, accordingly select a girl for him, who is also willing to get married without seeing her groom, and they arrange a grand 16-day ceremony with the marriage itself lasting 5 days. On the auspicious day, scores of relatives gather together to watch this unique wedding, and this is when the bride and groom see and approve of each other. Then their world will be shattered when the Pandal comes crashing down, Sandeep manages to crawl out, finds Dipti missing, and notices two men taking her away. He follows them but is unable to rescue her and returns home. The family seek the assistance of the police, and after a thorough investigation they inform the family that they cannot do anything – for Dipti’s abductors, Diwakar … Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
Country: India
Release Date: 31 March 2010 (India)


  1. Before giving my review, How can any idiot give a 10/10 for this s**t. I too am a fan of Allu Arjun & because of that I feel it is my duty to properly critique the movie so that the mistake isn't repeated in future. Don't give exaggerated ratings to your favourite actors. Similarily you give 1/10 to a movie if the movie was so bad that you either want to murder the makers or you want to commit suicide. If neither is the case, don't give 1/10 to any movie.

    Fine. Where should I start?

    Gunasekhar came across an interesting plot point – "What if during an arranged marriage the bride & the groom decide to not see each other until the last moment of tying the knot". He doesn't know what to do next with this point. So he goes in every direction north, south, east & west, searching for all the available movie clichés. He puts all those into a movie assuming that audience are going to watch anyway since your hero is a top star & finally what will you get. Presto! you have the worst movie of Allu Arjun's career "Varudu".

    In a recent interview, Allu Arjun said, "Gunasekhar narrated me the story in 2 minutes and I liked 4 scenes narrated in that 2-minute narration". After watching Varudu, I was left wondering what those 4 amazing brilliant wonderful scenes were.

    See http://amarsmoviejournal.blogspot.com/ for more reviews.

    I generally hate when people go late to a movie. But you can safely skip the first 30 minutes of Varudu as nothing happens there. The usual 'friends of hero' elevating him to 'god among humans' status, hero intro scene where he has gravity defying powers, a hero solo song to highlight his dance. All the routine fare.

    There is absolutely no comedy in Varudu. You may find some comedy settings but all are forced situations & I would be surprised if anyone has more than a couple of laughs. I smiled only twice in the whole movie. Watching Brahmi (my nickname for Brahmanandam) never felt so tiresome for me.

    The movie is written by Gunasekhar & Thota Prasad. While writing, don't they even think for a second about who speaks such bunkum dialogue in real life. Perhaps the friends & family of the writers. Too melodramatic for even reel life.

    I could see a few people banging their heads during that whole scene after heroine's kidnap. I mean just imagine you are the bridegroom & your bride is kidnapped & you are sitting at the mandap and the relatives are advising you to marry another girl. Add to this an amazing lecture from an old man about relation between science & wedding rituals.

    I had to specially google to see who is the editor for this movie. It is Mr.Anthony & he has done editing for some very good movies which include Kaaka Kaaka & Ghajini. The editing in Varudu is rubbish with so many abrupt cuts tampering the flow. Suddenly lorry chases the hero from nowhere & after a while hero chases lorry only to be crashed by another lorry. From where does this scene come & where does this go. I can't believe that an experienced editor would have made such rough cuts. I some how suspect that Gunasekhar definitely interfered with him.

    It would be a sin not to mention the graphics. What is the purpose of graphics? My understanding is that it is to show some difficult action or scene as really as possible. If this purpose isn't achieved, why use graphics & make the whole scene ridiculously fake?

    The climax fight (inspired from X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is one of the worst I've seen. Unless you loan your brain to somebody, the fight is a torture.

    The actors include Allu Arjun, newcomer Bhanu Mehra as the heroine, Tamil hero Arya as the villain, Suhasini, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Nassar, Naresh, Brahmi, Ahuti Prasad, etc,. The performances are average with nothing special to boast. In fact some of them are over the top by a mile. I dearly wished for the heroine's mother to have a heart attack in her first scene. Would have saved some agony. Allu Arjun gives a good performance but the almighty dialogue doesn't suit him. Heroine's intro is very unique & novel. She does her job & suits the role. Arya as villain is good but again the dubbing lip sync should have been better.

    The music is average at best. We've seen better from Mani Sharma. Devi Sri has given good music for Allu Arjun in the past. Why am I sensing an interference here from Gunasekhar? Nothing super special in dance department too. Arjun being one of the most gifted dancers in Tollywood delivers what is expected of him.

    Taking a break from bashing, the only delightful sequence in the movie is the 2nd song "Bahusha Vo Chanchalaa". It is beautifully shot with some great looking art work. After that song, my next delight was when I saw 'Subham' at the end.

    After Arjun, Sainikudu & this, somebody should really beat Gunasekhar with a hammer.

    There are only two sets of people who might watch this in a theatre. The first set are Allu Arjun die-hards. The second set are miserable people like me whose mother tongue is Telugu but live in foreign places (I live in Mumbai) with no Telugu neighbours & a Telugu movie is the only way to hear nonstop Telugu for 2 1/2 hours and I suppose this is enough Telugu for a sentence.

  2. Definitely a big disappointment for those who waited for it….. it is a disastrous piece of film making……. the film was so boring and so dull…… i almost slept for a good one hour…… the director had no proper control on the film… the film seems to start off very well….. it gets weak as the film progresses especially by the end….. the second half was completely spoiled….

    Definitely one of the biggest flops in Telugu film industry….. and i strictly recommend not to watch this one even if you are paid back money for doing so….. you will definitely regret for wasting your precious time on this one……!!!!

  3. script: the movie is about hero marrying a girl according to the customs and traditions. suddenly on the day of marriage bride is kidnapped and why she is kidnapped and who kidnapped and hero bringing her back is the script~

    allu arjun: he is glamorous in the groom get up and 2nd half his costumes are weak. his acting is as usual and this time less stylish rather than action mood and anger dominates.

    bhanu mehra: she is the surprise terror of the movie. keeping her surprise had no sense and it was a stale attempt. she did not get a better role. so her performance is unaccounted.

    arya: the villain for the movie is perfect. but his characterization failed. he was none other than a man with psychic character and muscular show off.

    rest : they appeared and went. hero"s mother and father had a role to perform.

    cinematography/songs : marriage songs were good. art department excelled in portions. 2 numbers had perfect CGI effects. rest songs came and went

    screenplay/direction: director had come up with a nice plot. but failed to execute it in the 2nd half. the screenplay was good in 1st half. the second half faltered.

    highlights in the movie: marriage sequences

    family orientation

    songs 2 numbers stunning

    weakness in the movie: script half baked.

    characterization of villain

    poor dubbing synchronization

    lazy direction without focusing on the flaws

    hero yelling at villain all times…..

    final analysis: the movie begins well and has mixed responses till interval. but the doubt is clear in the second half. its a dumb and profound movie that had nothing but routine work.. story is predictable just before interval. music is good in parts. background score had no grip. re recording and DTS mix had effects in the climax battle. its a under dosed packed entertainer with laziness seen in the direction.

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