DVD Veera

DVD Veera
DVD Veera

Rating: 3.6
Genres: Drama
Director: Ramesh Varma
Writers: Paruchuri Brothers, Abburi Ravi
Stars: Ravi Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Tapsee Pannu
Country: India
Release Date: 20 May 2011 (India)


  1. same old typical Telugu movie. mass hero with superman abilities. arrogant modern girl behind him. flashback village story where villains wipe out families.hero though he can kill all villains at first glance only but waits till the end of movie. this movie offers nothing new.the story is similar to every Telugu mass movie we watch basically.its really headache to watch this. almost every scene is predictable.and every scene they show hero as his entry scene.even the comedy from brahmanandam is routine where he pretends to be great in the start only to get beaten constantly by hero.waste of my money and my time. anyway it was my fault.some people might like this type movies and will watch no matter how many of this type they produce.but soon audience gonna get bored and will be very choosy and i hope better and reasonable movies will be coming in the future.

  2. Like the other reviewer said, there is nothing new this movie offers as compared to other crappy 'same old story' movies. There is the 'cliched' flashback of what happened in the distant past following movie intermission.

    I really DONNO why I even bother to waste my time in watching these movies. May be it is my distant hope that someday there will come a movie which will change the trend.

    Over the top acting, one villain, two actresses, brainless comedy by Brahmanandam where he gets his a** kicked every 15 minutes just to be beaten again. And later he is the first one to hear the 'apparent untold story', then cries , fold his hands – Seriously ! I really doubt if people laugh at these jokes. Brahmanandam is apparently into Guiness book of world records for max. no. of movies in a single language. I am not sure if the quantity is what matters ? He was a talented comedian 10 years ago where the dialogues were funny, script was good. Not these days 🙁

    Not to mention the songs in Europe every 30 minutes. How come people living in village dream of songs in Europe ?? Beats logic why would a city girl fall for a guy simply because he drives a car fast.

    Not again.


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