DVD Verity’s Summer

DVD Verity’s Summer
DVD Verity’s Summer
Rating: 5.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Ben Crowe
Writers: Ben Crowe
Stars: Indea Barbe-Willson, James Doherty, Martin McGlade
When a stranger comes to town 16-year-old Verity must confront the secrets surrounding her father’s time in Iraq… secrets which may tear her family apart. Winner of Best Actress at the London Independent Film Festival for leading lady Indea Barbe-Willson and Best Cinematography at the Van d’Or Film Awards, Verity’s Summer is the debut feature from short-film Palme d’Or nominee Ben Crowe. A visually accomplished debut; unusual and intriguing. – Tim Robey, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Stunningly but unsentimentally evoked – Sophie Mayer, LITTLE WHITE LIES, SIGHT SOUND An intelligent new British director has now surfaced – Derek Malcolm, THE EVENING STANDARD Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: two word title, apostrophe in title, season in title, character name in title
Country: UK
Release Date: 5 March 2013 (UK)

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  1. I watched this film last week not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Ben Crowe's directorial debut is visually stunning and delivers a compelling, gripping study on isolation, prejudice and redemption.

    Verity's Summer is the coming of age tale of Verity (Indea Barbe-Willson), a teenage girl who returns to her rural Northumberland home from boarding school for the summer. Also in town, war veteran Castle (Martin McGlade) arrives with nothing more than disillusion. Finding it hard to readapt to "normal life", he becomes a drifter. Contrasting Castle's behaviour is Verity's father, Jim (James Doherty), another veteran. He is now a detective focused on solving crimes and keeping the town safe. He has a few skeletons in the closet though, and those secrets are slowly tearing the family apart.

    The film discusses the consequences of war, racism and intolerance. However, it is not a heavy watch, as we see the world through Verity's eyes. She tries to make sense of what is like to grow up and face uncertainties and injustices.

    The cast are uniformly excellent. Indea Barbe-Wilson is superb and no doubt a star of tomorrow.

    Definitely worth a look! Ben Crowe's art house drama is intriguing, smart and one to watch.

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