DVD Vu Dieu Duong Cong

DVD Vu Dieu Duong Cong
DVD Vu Dieu Duong Cong

Run time: 113 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Romance
Director: Khoa Trong Nguyen
Writers: Khoa Trong Nguyen, Thuy Kim Phuong Nguyen
Long is a young dentist living the simple life, focused on making a decent living during a time of economic growth in Vietnam. His parents, Mr. Quoc and Mrs. Chi want him to settle down and produce offspring, but he has yet to find the time to meet an ideal mate. Until one day he meets Van Tram, a spirited and passionate actress who walks into his dental office. His once mundane life fills with excitement, anxiety, and heartache. Their courtship thrusts him into the turbo-charged and chaotic world of Vietnamese TV production where he meets intriguing characters who produce these instant noodle dramas. Life imitates art as Long finds himself entrenched in his own instant noodle way of life. Dealing with a breakup, an abortion, and the death of a family member, Long realizes what is truly important in life: love, happiness, and the fleeting moments you share with your loved ones. Written by Nguyen, Khoa Trong
Country: Vietnam
Release Date: 12 January 2012 (Vietnam)
Box Office
Budget: $200,000 (estimated)

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