DVD Wayland’s Song

DVD Wayland’s Song
DVD Wayland’s Song
Rating: 6.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Richard Jobson
Writers: Richard Jobson
Stars: Ross Daniel Anderson, Skye Cooper Barr, Orla Brady
Wayland returns home after being in the war in Afghanistan. He returns home not only injured and suffering seizures but also to find the family he left behind has disintegrated in his absence: his wife has become an alcoholic and his daughter has left home and then vanished without a trace. He is determined to find his daughter but his investigation uncovers a dark, sinister world where nothing is quite what it seems. To make matters worse he suffers terrifying flashbacks of his time in Afghanistan. His quest becomes not only about finding her but also about discovering who and what he has become. Wayland is looking for something he left behind in the killing fields of Helmand Province – his humanity and his soul. Written by Adam Sumner
Country: UK
Release Date: 20 September 2013 (UK)


  1. I never thought I'd be the first person to review a film on this website. Wayland's Song is the first feature film to be made in Bedford (UK) and was the first film shown at the first Bedford Film Festival. I didn't see the film in an ideal setting i.e not in a proper cinema so the projector was in the room with us and it was a bit noisy. I couldn't make out whether it was just due to the background noise, but I found the dialogue hard to make out at times and follow the thread of the film. It may also have been due to this that made it seem a bit slow to get going. However I did think it was an excellent film, very well made, good acting and visually stunning. The main storyline is fairly simple, that of a soldier returning from Afghanistan and looking for his missing daughter, but there are a lot of subtexts as explained by Richard Jobson in a Q&A session after, with the references to religion, Norse mythology and Wayland the master blacksmith, and the use of colour in the film. Worth seeing.

  2. Everybody involved in this epic fail didn't even qualifiy for the zero talent zone.

    There is some bloke running around.

    Has some flashbacks of his time in Afghanistan. That's when the so-called "filmmakers" get really creative by shaking the camera in some woods. (Uh-huh, watch out Stanley Kubrick here come the real geniuses)

    Well for some reason his daughter is missing and he…

    Awww, don't bother.

    It's just real crap.

    A straight to DVD and on demand garbage made by people who will never shoot another film again.

    Who has been stupid enough to finance that crap in the first place?

    Hope they all got a real job to fall back on because the "filmmaking" gig surely doesn't work out for them and never will.

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