DVD Welcome to the Jungle

DVD Welcome to the Jungle
DVD Welcome to the Jungle

Run time: 95 min
Rating: 5.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Rob Meltzer
Writers: Jeff Kauffmann
Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Adam Brody, Rob Huebel
A company retreat on a tropical island goes terribly awry.
Country: Puerto Rico, USA, UK
Release Date: 8 February 2014 (Japan)
Box Office
Budget: $3,500,000 (estimated)


  1. Saw this movie last night World Premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival. First, let me tell you this festival is great, awesome films and fun fun destination.

    The movie chronicles the life of a under-spoken, nerdy kid who strives to be that which is the opposite – assertive, top of the pack leader. At work, he is constantly undermined by a college who takes credit for his work and is the all around a-hole that people love to hate.

    On a team building trip, lead by the non other than Jean-Claude Van Damme (hilariously mocking himself and many other things) as the wilderness leader on this isolated island.

    Adam Brody does a great job with the funny, quick hitting humor, playing off the over-the-top always funny nemesis played by Rob Huebel.

    The thing is, going into this movie and letting yourself be entertained, its a huge success with funny side characters, plays on other movies and books that make you say aha yeah! It does not get to that stupidity point where you might think such a comedy could fall into, and it keeps things clever, while still entertaining greatly in a plot which has all the common points and you can predict where its going to go. Although you may see the underlying basics, you are nevertheless entertained and laughing in your seat. Well done, hope this movie has lots of success.

  2. I saw this and had never heard of it so checked IMDb. Based on the reviews, I decided to watch it since I have often enjoyed such "diamonds in the rough". Sadly someone must be paying people to write reviews now or perhaps it is better when stoned or drunk. The movie I saw was nothing like the reviews. There were no "hilarious" parts.

    I normally like silly or stupid humor. This was neither. I like cerebral humor and this was not that either. I kept watching and thinking it was going to get better but it did not. I like most of the actors and actresses in this and they seemed to be doing their best, especially Van Damme, but when it is not funny, it is not funny. Several times I could see a joke being set up but then it never happened.

    I gave it 3 stars out of respect for the cast who did try really hard but it was another movie that I wish I could unwatch and use that time instead to do something more fun. Which would be anything including watching paint dry. Spare yourself.

  3. Welcome to the Jungle is a story that tries to entertain the viewer with some hilarious comedy scenes; especially involving Jean-Claude Van Damme. The interpersonal relationship between the various actors was not interesting, and the simplicity of the shift from rational to "primitive" was hardly aptly presented or explained. Overall the acting was below par, without any attempt at building a serious character (again with JCVD being the exception).

    The plot is a group are sent on a retreat to learn team skills. After a few incidents, they are trapped on the island. The island splits into two factions and the main character learns how to stand up for himself.

    The movie plays into typical alpha-male scenarios with little to nothing to offer, and the consistent rape jokes are tasteless, while providing little except to re-enforce the alpha-male stereotype with the subversive male having to defeat him in order to get his "prize".

    The music and imagery in the movie are well done, and do set the mood for the various scenes, regardless of how the acting was.The simplicity of the plot wouldn't have garnered a watch in most cases, but there are a few scenes with JCVD that are hilarious. If you can watch them separately, skip this movie. Due to the few entertaining scenes and well produced audio/video, I would rate this a 4; otherwise I wouldn't bother even raising it over a 2.

    There might be some people who like it, but it was not appealing to me.

  4. For $5 million dollars, whomever produced this movie should have just bought lottery tickets. The chance of winning would be better than this movie having a chance to be enjoyed.

    I generally would have just turned it off, but being bored already, I figured what the heck. I WASTED VALUABLE TIME FROM MY LIFE.

    It was so bad that I could tell you how the story ended and you would be better off if you spent the time with your family and maybe find something fun to do with them.

    There is not one character who is worth saying nice things about. Dennis Haysbert has a couple of lines with minor humor attached, but only because they are so out of character for him.

    That's the only reason I didn't give this 1 star.

    I have to believe that once this movie gets around a little, the ratings will drop like the stock market in 2008. Please believe me. It's really not worth even trying to prove or disprove what I am writing here.

    Even Jean Claude couldn't save it. Btw, he is in amazing shape for any age, but the fact that he is 53 is nuts! OK, that is the other reason I gave it 2 stars! I really wish someone would give me $5M so I could make a movie. I could find 20 people on the street who would have performed better than anyone in this film.

    Find something else to watch, I beg you.

    Just my thoughts!

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