DVD What the Dwarf Sees

DVD What the Dwarf Sees
DVD What the Dwarf Sees

Run time: 68 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy
Around the concept of attempt and failure, thirteen characters coming from reformed theatrical scenes, connect us to our cracks, to our desperate need to feel love, to our urge to live, to our troubled zones. In this parallel universe, unit of dreams and realities, everyone on his own side, alone or with contribution and impulse of the others, is self-searching, creating impossible, all made-up situations, all more inextricable than the other and this through multiple identifications either imaginary ones or with one or another heroes of the show-business :movies, circus, opera. All the unknown protagonists have a one an only goal: success or naive hope of self-success. The systematic unceasing search for surpass is the leitmotiv of all this self-centred activity. Written by Anonymous
Country: Belgium

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