DVD Who the F#ck Is Chip Seinfeld?

DVD Who the F#ck Is Chip Seinfeld?
DVD Who the F#ck Is Chip Seinfeld?
Run time: 66 min
Rating: 2.6
Genres: Comedy
Director: Mike Newman
Stars: Jake Iannarino, Jeff Gage, Kate Queen
A darkly comedic portrait of Chip Seinfeld- the degenerate, cocaine-addicted “brother” of Jerry Seinfeld. The story follows Chip through the streets of Columbus, Ohio as he struggles to break out of the shackles of his failed attempt at a stand-up comedy career. Just when it looks like he gets the chance of his life to headline a comedy festival, his paranoia gets the best of him and he shoots himself in the foot just like he has always done in the past. He might be obscure to the general public but within the world of stand-up comedy he is loved by few and hated by many. Written by Philbert Ooper
Plot Keywords: censored profanity in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 11 November 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $2,700 (estimated)


  1. Jesus Christ this was bad. not even in a funny way. this movie looks like David lynch trying to do an episode of any unfunny sitcom. and that doesn't work at all. why is the movie randomly black and white? why does this movie suddenly turn into a videotaping the screen of the movie we are watching? None of those questions are as important as this one – what exactly is supposed to be funny or interesting about Chip Seinfeld? if you want to spend an hour or so making your eyes bleed then this is the movie for you.

    from bad acting to hearing the same joke over and over and over again, there is nothing worth seeing in this waste of time. its hard to believe someone would make this and expect people to be even remotely entertained by talentless drivel. Who the F%*k is Chip Seinfeld? Who the F@*k cares?

  2. This review is about the 26-minute short film cut of this, currently available on VODO for free, and apparently also on archive.org. It's still not short enough. I'm so happy I didn't have to endure the feature-length cut. You could not PAY me to watch more.

    It's clear the filmmakers think they are very very funny. Trust me when I say that it's not the CHARACTER I'm talking about. He's supposed to be deluded. But I am speaking about everyone in front of and behind the camera. They all have the same problem.

    I feel sad for the one or two cameo appearances I did sort-of recognize, as well for the 15-20 or so other supposedly name-worthy people who appear in the film for no particular reason. Am I supposed to know who these people are?

    I like shocking comedy. I loved the Aristocrats (joke category and the film about it). So it's not like I'm a prude.

    But the cliché of the pathetic sibling of a famous person has been over-done. And these people are not real creative with the insults, relying instead on typical high school profanity.

    In the end, the film boasts that this is to be continued. The audience I saw this with found that to be the only laugh-out-loud line in the bunch, because there's no chance of that happening. But I guess the joke's on us, because if there really are nearly 70 minutes of yet-to-be-repackaged footage from the feature, there could be two or three more shorts. Not that we'll be seeing any of them.

  3. I loved this movie! I really loved that it wasn't pretentious or didn't take itself too seriously. It's obviously low-budget, but that is what makes it so appealing. The comedians in it are hilarious and in a few years most of them will probably be household names. It's easy to forget that this is improvisational comedy at its best, doing to stand-up comedy what This Is Spinal Tap did to music. You can't help but feel sorry for Chip, he's a loathsome character. This comedy short is 25 minutes long and while it's not rated, it does have adult language aplenty and scenes depicting drug use. It's still a must-see for anyone who's a fan of stand-up comedy.

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