DVD Yongseoneun Eupda

DVD Yongseoneun Eupda
DVD Yongseoneun Eupda

Run time: 125 min
Rating: 7.3
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Director: Hyeong-Joon Kim
Writers: Hyeong-Joon Kim, Jeong-ho Lee
Stars: Frank M. Ahearn, Hye-jin Han, Nam Kyung-eub
Sol Kyung-Gu plays a staff member of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) in South Korea. He attempts to uncover the identity of a mysterious serial killer who decapitates his victims. Ryoo Seung-Bum plays a environmentalist who holds clues to unravel the mystery. Written by anonymous
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 7 January 2010 (South Korea)


  1. I am a fan of good Korean thrillers, and I also have a soft spot for Kyung-gu Sol. The man is a pleasure to watch. 'No Mercy' is not as good as for example 'The Chaser', 'Memories of Murder' or 'I Saw the Devil', but definitely worth watching. Though for the most part the script is not highly original, it still glued me to my chair for two hours, and the end left me in shock. Some things you do see coming, some you don't, and this ending was absolutely perfect and more than I could hope for.

    This is the debut movie by director Kim Hyeong-Joon, and IMO, he has put himself on the list. I hope to see some more of him in the future. Kudos!

  2. It's good that Joon-ho Bong's "Mother" is getting some exposure and generally positive reviews. A very fine film, but I prefer "No Mercy" because it's a bit more engaging from the get go and has a more absorbing premise. There's a very good external review on IMDb that outlines the plot synopsis and general characteristics of this film. For those who wish to watch the film without much knowledge, I'll give you a mini-review here.

    A forensic pathologist and a young detective investigate the motives surrounding a dismembered corpse. Han Hye-jin (of "Jumong") is fantastic in the supporting role as the neophyte but talented detective who banters with her boss. The creative aspect of this film is that tension is established between the protagonists as one of them (identified early on) works against the investigation and attempts to contaminate or cover up the evidence. The characters are well-developed and the scriptwriting is clever. There are also some excellent dead body effects and one of the most convincing autopsy scenes in recent memory. This movie blends certain elements of "Seven" and "Out of Time" together to create a fantastic suspense/thriller that is quite simply unmissable.

    Essential viewing. Watch it!

  3. When I got this movie, I thought it would be something at least as good as "Memories of murder" or "Chaser". And it is! Koreans make a very good thriller/crime movies, that's for sure!

    Maybe, it will appear like it's some cliché or you could predict what's going to happen, but you'll get all story in last 15-20 minutes! I liked acting of Kyung-gu Sol (dr. Kang), as main role. Although, all characters acted very well. I have to mention Hye-jin Han, as young detective Min. Some scenes, like autopsy, dead bodies or suicide at the end were excellent! Great story, great acting, great scriptwriting – great movie! Don't miss!

  4. This movie reminded me of "Se7en" and "Law Abiding Citizen", but it's still a amazing thriller. The mystery revolving around the kidnapped daughter kept me intrigued from beginning to end, although the twist ain't very original the way it's done makes it, it's own. And one heck of a incredible twist it is. The tension between the two character is very high and it really is engrossing to watch, the script writing is also very cleverly done as well. The more stuff the plot uncovers made me more interested bit by bit until the crazy and yet great ending. Some people may gripe about the ending, but I personally really liked it. It's suspenseful thriller that is really worth watching, in fact it's one of the best suspense/thriller I seen this year with a ending that will stay with you for a long time. I don't even want to talk about the plot since the less you know the better. Sure it has few flaws, but overall I highly recommend checking this movie out.


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