DVD You Make Me Feel So Young

DVD You Make Me Feel So Young
Run time: 77 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Drama
Director: Zach Weintraub
Writers: Zach Weintraub
Stars: Justine Eister, Kymberly Walden, Ian Weintraub
Justine, a recent college graduate turned retail employee, lives and works in a nameless city. The film begins when her boyfriend, Zach, leaves to interview for a position at a recently renovated art house movie theater in a small town. He lands the job and together they relocate to an air mattress in his new boss’ garage. Dropped suddenly into an unfamiliar place and stripped of all routine and distraction, Justine is left to sit quietly by and observe the early signs of her own deteriorating relationship. You Make Me Feel So Young is a carefully selected collection of moments from the life of a young woman in transition, and a meditation on the subtly complex questions one often faces in such situations. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA
Release Date: 12 April 2013 (Argentina)

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  1. You Make Me Feel So Young is the latest feature from Zach Weintraub, who I'd guess is a die-hard do-it-yourself indie filmmaker generating clever witted and artistically fresh cinema. The film follows the story of Justine, a girl doing her best to become comfortable with her fading relationship. Weintraub makes it look easy by presenting a simple story in a simple setting but it's the moody undertones and canted black and white melancholic style that serves it so well. And while that all sounds so drab there's brief moments of comedy that carries the film along. Weintraub also has a way with long takes by toying with our perception. He commonly uses off-screen action and/or plays with the depth of field in an act of cinematic language – a sort of punch-line by way of focus.

    It's far too easy to let Hollywood control your cinematic experience so please do yourself a favor and look for those under-appreciated filmmakers out there.

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