DVD Zompyres: Texas

DVD Zompyres: Texas
DVD Zompyres: Texas

Run time: 65 min
Rating: 3.4
Genres: Action | Comedy | Drama
Director: Jordan Funderburk
Writers: Matt Hulme, David Morgan
Stars: Stefan Beck, Chase Burnett, Laura Dumas
When a small, mysterious meteorite strikes in a suburban neighborhood, no one takes much notice. But when the undead suddenly walk the Earth, embarking on bloodthirsty and infectious rampages, changing once proud population centers into apocalyptic wastelands, eyebrows begin to raise. Five years later, a surviving group of rag-tag survivors fought for their survival in the only way they knew how: by taking steps to ensure they survive. Led by the always angry Zeke (Stefan Beck), these clichés had lost everything, except each other. Featuring an original and ensemble cast including Cory Bourland, Laura Dumas, and Chase Burnett, this semi-full length adventure from visionary filmmaker Jordan Funderburk, and the twisted mind of screenwriter Matt Hulme, “Zompyres: Texas” is the tale of lost souls, of children, and of glory. Maybe. This is the tale of the Zompyres. Written by Matt H
Plot Keywords: survival, texas, birthday, bite, giant lollipop
Country: USA
Release Date: 13 August 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $10,000 (estimated)

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