DVD The Lost Souls

DVD The Lost Souls Run time: 100 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Thriller Director: Keith Bradley Writers: Keith Bradley, Keith Bradley StorylineA cautionary tale about misspent youth. Tubby and Johnny try and fight off boredom during their last School summer vacation by involving themselves with the local bad gang. They end up on Cramond Island with a night the two will remember for ever...[Read More]

DVD Post Hoc

DVD Post Hoc Run time: 80 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Taras Demian Groves Writers: Taras Demian Groves Stars: Adam Dada, Lewis Elliot-Smith, Timothy Harding StorylineA dark comedy about the day in the life of one man, Jerry Thick, and his struggle to find fairness and justice in the harsh world he lives in. Details:Country: UK Box OfficeBudget: £800 (estimated)

DVD Milagro

DVD Milagro Run time: 91 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Family Director: José Luis Montoya Writers: José Luis Montoya, José Luis Montoya StorylineMilagro is a young woman who endures the horror constantly brought on by her step-sister Hodesa. Hodesa, in her world of obscurity, attempts to impede every success and moment of happiness that comes Milagro’s way. One day a powerful book...[Read More]

DVD Get Used to It

DVD Get Used to It Run time: 50 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: J.A. Dimauro Writers: J.A. Dimauro Stars: Vincent Dattilo, Nicole Denette, Jason Leal Storyline‘Get Used To It’ is a film about a young woman that is forced to come back to her hometown and work at her family deli. She has lost her first job out of college because of the declining economy and now is workin...[Read More]

DVD Certainly Never

DVD Certainly Never Run time: 78 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance Director: Matthew Phillion Writers: Matthew Phillion Stars: Rachel Delante, Colin Carlton, Rob Floyd StorylineWhat happens when ‘the other man’ meets ‘the other woman?’ A pair of neighbors discover they are both embroiled in love affairs in which they are the outsiders, and strike up a friends...[Read More]

DVD Mayagadu

DVD Mayagadu Run time: 140 min Rating: 4.2 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Dileep Polan Writers: Dileep Polan Stars: Charmy Kaur, Venu Thottempudi, Mallikharjunarao StorylineLeela Krishna (Venu) is an orphan and he believes that it is the money, which rules the life. He studies law course and turns a lawyer. All the villagers collect Rs 2 lakh and throw him out of the village by donating him the ...[Read More]

DVD Wild Is the Wind

DVD Wild Is the Wind Run time: 75 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Julie Chaffort Stars: Aurore Aulong, Patrick Bugnon, Lucie Chabaudie StorylineJohannes, a cursed undertaker, lost in a vast and strange land, is looking for a place to bury his lover. Plot Keywords: undertaker Details:Country: France

DVD Madea’s Big Happy Family

DVD Madea’s Big Happy Family Run time: 106 min Rating: 4.2 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Tyler Perry Writers: Tyler Perry Stars: Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine, Shad Moss StorylineMadea jumps into action when her niece, Shirley, receives distressing news about her health. All Shirley wants is to gather her three adult children around her and share the news as a family. But Tammy, Kimberly an...[Read More]

DVD Coming Back

DVD Coming Back Rating: 4.1 Genres: Comedy | Crime | Drama Director: Yuan Li Stars: Wang Daqi, Jack Kao, Stephy Qi StorylineDetails Details:Country: ChinaRelease Date: 14 April 2014 (Germany)

DVD Space

DVD Space Run time: 82 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Steve Nolan Writers: Steve Nolan Stars: Nina Kelley Feinberg, Jack Hampo, Brandon McClinton StorylineOne year ago, five friends that lived in the same apartment building their senior year of college decided to continue the fun one extra year. They all hate it. Among endless days of drinking beer, delivering pizza, and watching...[Read More]

DVD Independent Draper

DVD Independent Draper Run time: 91 min Rating: 0.0 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Music Director: Jared Paull Writers: Jared Paull Stars: Mike Kravetsky, Shain Wasserman, Etai Handman StorylineThis is the story of Taylor, whose occupation, and last name are both Draper. Drapes/blinds are not only his trade, but his passion, and it dates back several generations to when his Great-great Grandfather was g...[Read More]

DVD American Animal

DVD American Animal Run time: 95 min Rating: 4.1 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Matt D’Elia Writers: Matt D’Elia Stars: Matt D’Elia, Brendan Fletcher, Mircea Monroe StorylineJimmy is a terminally ill young man. But from today on, he has decided that he is ‘happy’, and that he is no longer sick. Jimmy’s roommate James is a healthy, dreamy young man. They’...[Read More]

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