DVD 1 by Two

DVD 1 by Two
DVD 1 by Two

Rating: 5.8
Genres: Thriller
Director: Arun Kumar
Stars: Abhinaya, Fahadh Faasil, Murali Gopy
Hari and Ravi are identical twins who share a very delicate and special emotional bond. When Hari dies in an accident, Ravi goes into a strange state of psychosis. Yousuf, a cop tries to uncover the mystery involved in the case.
Country: India
Release Date: 19 April 2014 (India)

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  1. and his body hair in this film :). Fahad Fazil who is a vastly superior actor compared to Murali could have taken over the role of the twins. Murali Gopi is simply not good enough to carry the film on his shoulders. He does have a decent screen presence but his dialog delivery is stilted while his acting is unbearably self conscious. And Shyam Prasad was irritating as hell. Honey Rose was nice eye candy. Fahad Fazil does have some good scenes but frankly, his role was unnecessary. And the flashback to explain the motivations of his character was an unnecessary diversion from the main plot.

    The whole film is unnecessarily complicated and some of the characters and sub-plots could have been done away with. Part of the background score is lifted from John William's score for JAWS and Bernard Hermann's score for PSYCHO. The background score was another issue – it was too loud at times. I guess the actors could not provide the necessary sparks and special effects through their performances while the dialogs were mostly uninteresting and contrived. So the makers had to resort to a mind numbing background score which did seem like a last ditch effort to save this sorry excuse of a film.

    1 by TWO IS A huge disappointment from Arun Kumar Aravind who had made the entertaining and well-crafted EE ADUTHA KAAPATHU. Murali Gopi should focus on his writing and stay away from acting. And stop showing off your body hair, Murali Gopi. Why do you have to display your hirsuteness in every damn film of yours? 🙂

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