DVD 6 Candles

DVD 6 Candles
DVD 6 Candles

Rating: 7.5
Genres: Thriller
Director: V.Z. Durai
Stars: Archana, Poonam Kaur, Shaam
A father travels across six states to try and solve the mystery of his son’s disappearance.
Country: India
Release Date: 20 September 2013 (India)

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  1. It is one of best Tamil Movies. The way the narration of story is good. It shows different world of child kidnapping. Shaam showed his talents and show the world that he is best actor. The story starts with happy family with their loving kid. They lost kid on beach and the story starts. All the places the shown underworld is very good. All characters are narrated is very good. The driver plays vital role. Since i don't want to write spoilers, i am avoiding all the storyline. Please watch it in theater to get the best feeling. Yes it gave good feel in the end. This is film is must watch. This film teach how we should be very careful with kids when we go to public place.

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