DVD 7 minut

DVD 7 minut
DVD 7 minut

Rating: 5.3
Genres: Action
Director: Maciej Odolinski
Writers: Maciej Odolinski
Stars: Przemyslaw Sadowski, Anna Prus, Agnieszka Warchulska
Country: Poland
Release Date: 7 May 2010 (Poland)

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  1. This movie details how one man's life comes apart after he spends 7 minutes doing something he shouldn't have.

    It's basically a suspense thriller using the familiar formula of one average Joe against a group of criminals, although it doesn't have the familiar happy ending. Our hero gets into a tiff with a bunch of underworld figures, fights it out, and ends up regretting his decision to spend 7 minutes in an illicit activity. His whole life is ripped apart, from his job to his family and friends, due to that 7 minutes.

    The acting is good, production values high, and the plot is OK. There are a couple scenes where the plot holes gape a bit, but all in all the movie is watchable. It's one of those I'm glad I've seen, but wouldn't watch again.

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