DVD A Chemical Skyline

DVD A Chemical Skyline
DVD A Chemical Skyline

Run time: 45 min
Rating: 4.5
Genres: Action | Horror | Thriller
Director: Jason Swinchock
Writers: Omar Brooks, Jason Swinchock
Stars: Orris L. Johnson, Sean Dungee, Christine Soltis
A trio of road-trippers stumble into a no-win scenario with the living dead. Set as a gaiden/homage to the original Night of the Living Dead, where the familiar becomes the un-familiar. Survival modes kick in and hard decisions are made. But is just our trio facing this horror, or is the problem much bigger than this? Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: road trip, b horror, blood, flesh eating zombie, global
Country: USA
Release Date: 12 October 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,600 (estimated)

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  1. The thing that sticks out in my memory the most is the beautiful scenery, it perfectly clashes with the ugly zombies! Great irony towards the end also, without giving any spoilers away. Great fight scenes also. Acting was a little stiff but never took me away from what was going on. Would also liked to have some more details on what happened before the film started. The "teasers" flesh things out a little bit but I could have used a little more info. One more thing, i loved the "farmer" when he yelled "bang" during the scene when he is telling his story, i nearly jumped out of my seat! GOOD STUFF. honestly the film is an 8/10 but i am giving these guys a 10/10 because they deserve it! The Night of the Living Dead references would pretty cool and a pretty good surprise too (again, not to give any spoilers away). The make-up effects were pretty good also. I had heard that they worked with two graduates from "Tom Savini's Make-up School." Would like to see what these guys can do if they had a few million $$$ to work with! -KN

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