DVD A Place to Stay

DVD A Place to Stay
DVD A Place to Stay

Run time: 62 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Henry Snyder
Writers: Henry Snyder
Stars: Richard Bryant, Leslea Fisher, Baker Chase
Danny’s stuck, and he knows it’s mostly his own fault. He spends his time working as a sub at the high school, where he finds a friend in one of the other teachers, and as a waiter at a steakhouse, where the employees wear ties and spend most of their time avoiding the customers. As days become months, his girlfriend is losing patience and his friends are increasingly unwilling to pretend he’s not at fault for the position he’s in. To make matters worse, the only person he feels comfortable around is probably the last person he should be spending his time with. The film explores the lines between autonomy and selfishness, friendship and infidelity, independence and cruelty. Questions are left unanswered, ends left loose, and decisions left unmade. A lot of cigarettes get smoked in the breakroom. Written by Henry Snyder
Country: USA

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