DVD A Shameless Revenge

DVD A Shameless Revenge
DVD A Shameless Revenge

Rating: 5.5
Genres: Thriller
Director: Shawn Burkett, Corey A. Thrush
Writers: Shawn Burkett, Corey A. Thrush
Stars: Shawn Burkett, Lorin Dineen, Scott Gillespie
A down and out construction worker from New Jersey, Joe De Luca (Corey A. Thrush), timidly approaches Maria (Lorin Dineen) one night at a local pub ,based on pure attraction. Little did they know that a psychopathic twist on their fairytale story would turn one man’s dreams of the perfect life into one woman’s worse nightmares. Written by Corey A. Thrush
Country: USA
Release Date: 14 February 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $10,000 (estimated)

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  1. The Indie film "A Shameless Revenge" tells the story of a construction worker whose life has been filled with bad relationships and bad luck. Finally as the pressure and abuse become more than he can handle the young man snaps. Filled with rage the construction worker sets out to avenge the years of emotional angst afforded him at the hands of his peers. The film is directed by Cory A. Thrush and Shawn Burkett and is the story of Joe DeLuca and is a psychological drama. The cast include Cory A. Thrush as the main character as well as Lorin Dineen, Mike Reeves, Scott Gillespie, W. Allen Thrush, Jadie Marie Goodpasture, Shawn Burkett and Bradley Landis.

    For me the film ,though very nicely shot and told quite emotionally, seemed to lack something inspiring. I felt that an element was missing in the main plot to the movie's main character's troubles as seen on screen that would account for the giant leap into a psychotic break. As the title declares a "shameless" revenge I actually expected the character to be more unabashed in his approach to life and relationships which I am well aware contradicts the story's theme of a poor mistreated every man. I really didn't catch the parts of the man's plight that related to his predisposition to mental illness as the film wanted me to feel as it ended. I know people are emotional beings and can hurt to the point of violent reactionary behaviors but still I saw every act the main character performed as more shameful and unjustifiable. That being said the story and was a very contemporary one that echoes a lot in society, especially from a generation that sees every second and breathe in life as profound. ( I am too old and far beyond that euphoric feeling toward love and life.)

    "A Shameless Revenge" does attempt to explore and shed light on the very troubling issue of domestic violence and obsession that can lead to fatal consequence. I personally would have rather he had been a horrible person who naturally chose to abuse people which is generally associated with people who have tendency toward rage or been forced by assholes to seek justifiable revenge excluding the whole mental disorder element all together. Plus I think it would have been better if DeLuca would have at least took out the two assholes who bullied him at work before he went after his scorned love issue.

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