DVD A Stranger in Paradise

DVD A Stranger in Paradise
DVD A Stranger in Paradise

Run time: 85 min
Rating: 4.7
Genres: Thriller
Director: Corrado Boccia
Writers: Corrado Boccia, Taryn Hillin
Stars: Colin Egglesfield, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Stuart Townsend
On the verge of making partner, Josh Pratt’s life is turned upside down when the SEC investigates the head of his multibillion-dollar hedge fund for insider trading. Forced into a well-timed “vacation” he never asked for Josh finds himself in Bangkok with a price on his head, a morally ambiguous brother who is knee deep into the Thai mafia, and a propensity for getting shot at. Unfortunately for Josh, the only way out is to give up information he doesn’t know he has. Written by Taryn Hillin
Country: Thailand
Release Date: 1 May 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $3,000,000 (estimated)

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  1. However I will give it a 5 because a rating is required- what bothers me about this movie is the poster for the movie itself. I find it terribly misleading that the art director chose to composite the poster for the film as if one of the actors might actually be Tom Cruise. I do not believe that was accidental, it looks completely purposeful in my humble opinion.

    Whenever a film goes out of the way to make it seem like a specific actor might be in the film, its usually a warning sign that the film is not very good. Now, that is my opinion,yes, but it is based on my movie experiences over 40 years….

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