DVD After Romeo & Juliet

DVD After Romeo & Juliet
DVD After Romeo & Juliet

Run time: 66 min
Rating: 7.0
Genres: Mystery | Romance | Thriller
Director: Ryan Golchuk
Writers: Randy Carels, Ryan Golchuk
Stars: Jennifer Autry, Joey Bell, Gail Bennett
When a modern day Juliet is found dead and her lover Romeo is missing, an investigation begins while feuding families have their own agenda.
Country: USA

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  1. This film is an amazing piece of work for such a small budget. It's interesting in it's location especially. I hope we get to see more from this team of talented movie makers. I have seen some of Ryan's other work and this is one of the best so far. If you are looking fr another title from him it's Foreclosure City. Ryan has a critical eye and works hard to find just the right spot for his vision without making the scene look too forced or crowded. He also keeps the camera edits to a minimum so that you feel the scene is naturally flowing and moves logically from one story line to the next. This is a rare look at one of the first works of a soon-to-be-famous team.

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