DVD Araler Antorale: The Inside Story

DVD Araler Antorale: The Inside Story
DVD Araler Antorale: The Inside Story

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 7.0
Genres: Thriller
Director: Nahid Helal
Stars: Majnun Mijan, Pria Aman, Sansi Faruki
We often don’t know the people that are very close to us. Sometimes, we have something that lives inside our own soul, hidden. It comes out from time to time. Sometimes, we are in conflict among ourselves with our own thoughts. We always calculate what we lose and what we gain. And we all have some Mental Strength that can be often referred to as Mental Disorder as well. We all can be good and healthy but… again, we all might have some hidden scary mental disorders that might lead to something that nobody can ever imagine! Shahed, the main Character of this story – could be a person like that. Written by Nahid Helal
Country: Bangladesh
Release Date: 10 September 2013 (Bangladesh)
Box Office
Budget: $45,000 (estimated)

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  1. A definite Bold steps by NahidRains for releasing such an outstanding movie online. This young Film Maker made it possible. He has always been speaking about changing the Bangladeshi Media Industry and yet he proved that he just doesn't talk. He actually does!

    The movie itself is a classic and I have watch 2 parts of it online and it was damn good in terms of Cinematography, Quality and the Story Line itself. There is something New.

    It is definitely an awesome film. Specially I love the Cinematography that Nahid did. Being the Director and the Cinematographer together at one time, its a tough job and he did it well. And I love the color theme of the Film. It matches the Story Line as well.

    This is something I have seen first time in Bangladesh as well. A such a thriller in Bangla Language, obviously something exclusive. Nobody has ever tried that. The Background Score, the mixing and every single aspect of the movie I love it. Even though there are some usual acting problems in performance with the Actor/Actress but the Director Nahid Helal did very well fixing that.

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