DVD Area 51 Confidential

DVD Area 51 Confidential
DVD Area 51 Confidential

Run time: 75 min
Rating: 4.7
Genres: Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Director: Brandon Slagle
Writers: Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn
Stars: Adrian Quihuis, Devanny Pinn, Brandon Slagle
People from various walks of life find themselves held captive in a desolate area surrounding a secret government installation rumored to contain extraterrestrial life.
Plot Keywords: extraterrestrial, government, machine gun, gun, close encounter
Country: USA
Release Date: 24 September 2011 (USA)


  1. Frequent collaborators Brandon Slagle(15 Till Midnight) and Devanny Pinn(cathARTic) once again succeed in making a little look like a lot in "Area 51: Confidential". Avoiding the normal "found footage" pratfalls (hokey plot lines, cheap looking effects, terrible acting) this film works because of 3 things: inventive cinematography, superior performances, and an intriguing plot. Both Slagle and Pinn deliver the multi-faceted acting chops we've come to expect, and Wolfgang Meyer particularly shines as a confused refugee of the titular Area 51. Most of the real action takes place out of frame, or in the realm of the sound design of this film, thus keeping the effects budget low, and the locations really contribute to the feeling of isolation and impending doom associated with the plot line. I watched this right after viewing the similarly themed "Apollo 18" and found "Area 51: Confidential" to be the superior film, despite having what probably amounted to 1/100th the budget. Again, Hollywood, you're doing it wrong! No amount of pre-release hype, flashy effects, ADD style editing, mega-stars, and cash will ever trump a good idea and passionate film-making!

  2. I watched this movie on Amazon Prime instant video. I enjoy UFO & alien movies but I mainly chose to watch this movie because Devanny, Brandon & Tawny were in it. **SPOILER ALERT** If U've not seen this movie yet then U might not want to read my review!!

    I thought it was spooky & creepy because anytime I see people walking in the dark, especially when it's from their point of view it creeps me out.

    Of course these people are looking for aliens or proof of UFO's & they set out to drive somewhere & wake up in the desert with no car no anything not knowing how they got there. So they meet another girl, Clem, wandering around in the desert who also doesn't know how she got there and the 3 start wandering around together.

    They stumble upon a weird guy who is supposed to be Bob Lazar, the guy who supposedly blew the whistle on Area 51 back in the 1980's I believe. He tells them they need to be quiet or "THEY" will hear them . Next we run into an Army Col. who has a firearm and does hear "voices". He says he was at Area 51 but was no longer needed and after watching his 5 other buddies be killed he finds himself dropped off in the desert with these people.

    So they are all wandering around trying to find people or maybe Area 51 I'm not sure. They continue to hear these voices and weird sounds and as it gets dark they start disappearing.

    It is spooky cuz ur waiting for something to jump out of the dark. I did not see the ending outcome coming! To have Clem b the alien who is killing them really freaked me out!! In any case I liked it. I know there were many reviews on Amazon that did not enjoy it but I thought it was suspenseful & creepy. I just thought it could have been longer and maybe gave more idea where they were going or how they came to be in that spot or where Clem came from. Just a little more about the entire story would have been great but for what it was I like it! Good job guys! It's now in my instant video library!!

  3. Usually not a huge fan of the over saturated found footage kind of horror film. Personally I feel it's run it's course and is dying a slow death. But that being said, it doesn't mean that there still can't be hidden gems within this style of horror. This is one of them.

    To put it simple, it had a little something different, giving it it's own stand out charm and not just another run of the mill kind of film.

    Acting is always key in this type of film because if you don't care about the characters, the movie fails. The acting is strong but it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a fun film and the acting lends to that.

  4. This movie follows the same genre as all of the rest of the "Alien" movies. These are just worn out clichés that really destroy any critical thinking about Area 51 and the formally top secret government military installation and "aliens" in general. This particular movie is neither interesting nor entertaining because it is just the same as all the rest. The movie poster art is very cool however. This is fortunately listed as a work of fiction which is all it truly is, but I just wish that they could have added some more realism to make the story more believable. Sooner or later somebody has got to put out a much better art project on Area 51 for the public to ponder and not just keep using the same old boring format.

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