DVD Arrobá

DVD Arrobá
DVD Arrobá

Run time: 97 min
Rating: 4.0
Genres: Comedy | Sci-Fi
Director: José María Cabral
Writers: José María Cabral
Stars: Irvin Alberti, Marcos Bonetti, Hony Estrella
Three guys decide to rob a bank but everything goes terribly wrong. One of them owns a time machine and they try robbing the bank again but fail to do so. With the time machine they start traveling to the past trying to do it right. In the journey they encounter the butterfly effect and need to get everything back to how it was. Written by Anonymous
Country: Dominican Republic
Release Date: 11 July 2013 (Dominican Republic)

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  1. Greetings, friends, readers, the Dominican film goes on frank advance in terms of number of films per years, the bad thing is that it is not equal to quality. In the case of José María Cabral, a young director who knows how to make movies we have. His best work continues to be checkmate.

    Arroba is a comedy where three friends decide to Rob a bank to solve their problems. Everything goes wrong during the robbery, and one of them(yes, sound crazy, but let me explain) has a machine to travel back in time, they use it to return to the day of the robbery and solve everything what they did wrong, but again it goes wrong, much worse.

    The characters complement each other very well, the chemistry between the actors is perhaps the best of the film. The presentation at the beginning of the same is good, the jokes at the start are to die of laughter, so if you see the first hour of the film and leaves, will say that it is a very good movie, if it is and watch the next 15 minutes, then the low movie and feel badly. If they remain until the end, I have bad news, the film continues to fall and already don't like us as well as to the home.

    The director presents us with an attempt of romance between the Manager of the Bank and one of the protagonist, this romance is excited, but suddenly leaves her side and already not we return to know what is happening. Another point that disappoints more than die a protagonist in action movie, the end, is as if he did not know what to do with the film. The end is so bad that it seems he was told: ¨Finish already this movie! ¨.

    Is spoken of a possible sequel (provided to recover and money win at box office) but not I base my opinion on something that doesn't exist yet, I say this because told me many things that were left unfinished will clarify in the second part No.

    Other negative point is the costume, does not correspond to times visiting thieves in the time machine. We will come with people in 1979 using sunglasses Ray Ban which are more in keeping with our time, same thing with the hairstyles, clothes, some vehicles etc. It is not to be fussy, it happens that if you will play the theme of the time must be very careful with the details.

    Can support our cinema, with its flaws and errors which have, in the case of Arroba will not see the best Dominican film, nor the worst, are going to have a good time except for the end.

    Arrobá it's not a bad movie at all, but it's not a good movie at all too.

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