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Rating: 5.8
Genres: Mystery
Director: Mumtaz Hussain
Writers: Mumtaz Hussain, Monica Mehta
Stars: Nate Dushku, Lindsay Goranson, Jerome Brooks Jr.
Dean and Isabella are the quintessential New York City couple. Isabella provides passion and inspiration for Dean’s large and colorful canvases. Isabella, a mathematics undergraduate student at Columbia University lives in a vivid world of geometrical shapes and symmetry. Their relationship is unique, a merger between shape and color. Between art and mathematics. That is, until the day Dean receives the news. Isabella is dead. Her absence is even more haunting because of the mysterious nature of her death, a crime still unsolved. A suicide, the police have concluded. Dean is shrouded in dismay and his art is suffering. He is uninspired. Frustrated, Dean splatters his canvas with paint. All abstractions. Images start to form in the midst of chaotic and abstract brush strokes. Dean follows the clues that his paintings provide. The accuracy of his paintings is striking! Yet his path leads toward Dean’s greatest fear – the reflection of his own mind. Does he succeed? Written by Monica Mehta
Plot Keywords: digit in title, number in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012 (USA)

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  1. I had this unbelievable experience of watching this movie yesterday n yet in a state of GRIP that movie has created.A psychological roller-coaster of emotional drama,an engaging tale of suspense n thrill,an astute display of Artistic ability……Boy,where to start?The nerve arresting Background score which starts right on the onset takes us through the life of an artist who's finding pictures SAYING him something.He has lost his Girl Friend who apparently committed a suicide.When this compelling voice of Images becomes louder he consults a Psychologist n slowly things seem to clear up.His girlfriend was on the verge of announcing a new Mathematical rule which could ve bagged her world fame.She herself was an artist but by listening to her inner voice had created this formula sheerly interpreting her soul.I leave it up to readers to go n find what happens to story thereafter but can ASSURE u ll cum out of theater completely SHAKEN….Cinematography,Script,Acting,direction….all,of a Super quality.It has bagged 5 International Literary Awards from India to Switzerland n from Nevada to LA….its a MUST SEE movie which will surely find a place in your top rankings too

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