DVD Azaad

DVD Azaad
DVD Azaad

Run time: 95 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Hassam Khan
Writers: Hassam Khan
Stars: Hassam Khan, Hammad Siddiq, Maddi Murtaza
The story is set in the year of 2008 focusing on Dr. Talat Ali, a forensic psychiatrist by profession who recently lost his wife in a car accident. While still trying to settle down in his new routine, Dr. Talat’s friend, Officer Sami brings to him the unusual case of Talha Zulfiqar, a serial killer with the charges of eight murders of which only one dead body was found. As Dr. Talat tries to unravel Talha’s case, along with the diagnosis of Fantasy Prone Personality (FPP), the events that follow are truly unpredictable. Written by Hassam Khan
Country: Pakistan
Box Office
Budget: PKR 50,000 (estimated)

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