DVD Bad Behavior

DVD Bad Behavior
DVD Bad Behavior

Rating: 6.2
Genres: Thriller
Director: Nicholas Brandt, Lisa Hamil
Writers: Nicholas Brandt, Lisa Hamil
Stars: Hallee Hirsh, Austin Rogers, Linda Hamilton
Trapped overnight by an unknown assailant, a babysitter struggles to stay safe. As the hours tick by, she realizes that the greatest threat might be from the very children she’s trying to protect.
Country: USA
Release Date: 22 October 2013 (USA)


  1. Babysitter comes to neighborhood house to do an overnight job, one of the kids is a paranoid schizophrenic, he keeps everyone locked in the bathroom for nearly the entire run time of the film. When the parents get home, we discover (it wasn't a surprise) that they're willing to go to any length to protect their kid and keep the babysitter locked up in the bathroom.

    1. This is a busy suburban neighborhood. No one knows that there's a violent paranoid schizophrenic living in the house? Even after he cut his own brother's ear off?

    2. The bathroom the babysitter and the two other kids are trapped in has a big fat skylight. Someone get on someone else's shoulders, bust the window, and leave.

    3. The babysitter's parents don't start nosing around after their kid has disappeared? No cops get sent to the place where she was last seen?

    4. The schizophrenic (a very stupid, poorly written version of a schizophrenic, anyhow) is shown to care for his little sister early on in the film. When they make an attempt to break out, she lags behind to grab a fake cell phone so the babysitter runs back to grab her and is caught again by the baddie. Why not leave and get help? Let's see: kid possibly gets hurt vs. going and getting definitive help. Yeah, screw the cops. So we can sit in the bathroom with the do nothing trio for an hour and fifteen minutes.

    Poorly written and horribly paced, with lame hints dropped throughout to show you that the family is not all there, this was genuinely one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I like how most of the glowing reviews for this were all written on the same day by people who've never reviewed anything else here.

    Avoid this like the plague and don't waste your time. It could have been rated G, it was so tame. Kids see worse on the SVU marathons they run on USA network every day of the week.

  2. While the plot is pretty generic as far as the horror genre goes, the actor playing the villain really brings this above what would otherwise be a forgettable movie. Where most horror villains are physically imposing, evil figures; the villain here is very much a man child. Pudgey, pastey, and prone to fits of rage when he doesn't get his way, the character comes off more like a supporting role from an Apatow movie then something to be feared. Everything from his delusions of grandeur to his feeble attempts at using safety scissors as a weapon are very fun to watch. Where most of the other actors just kind of phone in their performances, the villain really gives it his all. I really hope to see this man in more horror movies in the future.

    Aside from that its a pretty slow "babysitter horror movie". As mentioned above, the rest of the cast is forgettable. There is no sex and very little violence. Other then some language it would probably be fairly kid appropriate provided that it can keep their attention of the entire run time.

    Overall I'd suggest it if you like b-movies and the idea of a man child slasher interests you.

  3. I like the theme of this movie. Simple babysitting job goes bad, very, very bad. This family looks normal on the outside, but they were anything but. From the beginning of the movie, you get a sense of something is not right with them. You also get an uneasy feeling about the oldest kid. So knowing that, Zoe (the babysitter)should never invite her boyfriend over while babysitting. Don't they know things always go wrong when you are making out. Even though I was waiting for something to happen, it still got me. I like that. I caught myself yelling at the characters on the screen. There is a lot of suspense throughout the movie. So if you like suspense you will like this movie.

  4. From the moment Zoe rings the doorbell we know that something is off with apparently normal family. The parent's seem too nice, and too willing to over pay. The middle child Tyler is skittish and perverted, the youngest is lost in her own princess fantasy, and the oldest, Jack looks like as Zoe's boyfriend Kansas puts it a "serial killer" Well all it takes is a knock on the head to Zoe, and we learn that this family is hiding some dark secrets, mainly that Jack suffers from paranoid delusions. As he terrorizes Zoe, Grace, and Tyler (who are all trapped in the bathroom) we learn that this isn't the first time Jack has acted out, but will it be the most violent? You have to watch the film to find out!

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