DVD Beatdown

DVD Beatdown
DVD Beatdown

Rating: 4.5
Genres: Action | Crime | Thriller
Director: Mike Gunther
Writers: Bobby Mort, Mike Gunther
Stars: Susie Abromeit, Rudy Youngblood, Michael Bisping
Brandon, a respected street fighter, is forced to flee the city after his brother is murdered and the money that was supposed to be paid back to a local gangster is stolen. While lying low at his father’s house in a small Southern town, Brandon soon gets involved in the local underground cage-fighting circuit. With the help of Drake Colby, a former MMA champion, Brandon devises a scheme to bring a massive payday, if they are able to survive. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: blood, underground fighting, street fight, fight, one word title
Country: USA
Release Date: 31 August 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)


  1. You have some nice fighters , you have a OK story.. and what did the directory do ? Ruining the movie with so many unnecessary "effects" from 30 different camera angels in the space of 5 minutes and filling the screen with ongoing blurs, zoom ins/outs and the famous shaky effect that would make anybody with a slight case of Epilepsy seizure up after only watching 10 minutes of it. So final review.. The movie contains a story ,has some fights in it but isn't great. If you want a action movie to fill bored Sunday night with absolutely nothing on TV then you could watch it but be sure to find out if you have epilepsy first.

  2. While the similar MMA-themed flick DAMAGE throws everything but the kitchen sink into its plot–including organ transplant shortages, canine abuse, naked woman suicide attempts, gambling debts, a mysterious holy roller Bible verse spouter, implausible coincidences, fight cages plunging through floors, shipping containers-top battles against fearsome "truckers" (Jimmy Hoffa still would be enjoying retirement if Teamsters fought like this in real life), and about 12 guys who appear beaten to death or into comas–BEATDOWN is down-to-earth plausible when compared to DAMAGE. While it shares many of the off-putting MMA conventions in depicting bare-knuckle violence (where do these guys get their indestructible hands from?), BEATDOWN has a linear plot that you can follow without needing to throw your remote at the TV in disgust. In other words, BEATDOWN can be seen as the RAGING BULL to DAMAGE's over-the-top ROCKY 5. While BEATDOWN's training sequence montage looks like Peewee Herman trying to do homage to Sylvester Stallone beating on raw meat in the walk-in freezer (where were the health inspectors?), the handlers of all the opponents Brandon (Rudy Youngblood) vanquishes humanely throw in their towels at the first opportunity, and most of the fights are finished in 20 seconds or less. I can say from personal experience that this in closer to how the fight game works in real life (which is why it's so important to throw the first punch!).

  3. This is one of the most painful film experiences I have ever endured. The acting is terrible. The editing is extremely irritating. The story has all the dramatic depth of a six year old's school creative writing assignment. The thinly hidden marketing saturating the movie is distracting. Fight scenes, awful, and in total, around 10 minutes max of the film's 90 (agonizing) minute runtime. You wanna see real fight scenes, watch Asian cinema. Writing, terrible. Characters, wooden and with stupid 'backstories' lifted in a hurry from a billion other (better) films. This whole thing reeks of self-indulgence and money, but offer no shred of entertainment. None. Even like Sunday hangover brainless action fun. It is that bad. Do not ever watch this film, even for free.

  4. This is the weakest movie ever. The camera angles give it an unrealistic feel, and the acting is atrocious. Rudy Youngblood does not deserve a main role, because he definitely cannot act. Danny Trejo should be embarrassed to be in this movie. The plot is weak, and I found myself wishing it was over. I found one of the weakest points of the movie to be the unnecessary relationship between Rudy Youngblood and Danny Trejo's characters. It seemed like a relationship where EVERYTHING was the worst. His brother is dead, his mother is dead, and the father was abusive and is now in a wheelchair. It feels so sappy and so over-dramatic. Not to say Rudy Youngblood is just painful to watch. Not because it was sad, but because it is the worst cry I've ever seen.

    Avoid at all costs.

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