DVD Candy’s Room: Soleil Noir

DVD Candy’s Room: Soleil Noir
DVD Candy’s Room: Soleil Noir

Run time: 60 min
Rating: 4.6
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Marc Vorlander
Writers: Geraldine Winters
Stars: Francesca DiPaola, Bobby Max, John Stoerback
Country: USA
Box Office
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)


  1. What is Candy's Room? Good question. I wish I had the answer. For me it is a conglomeration of pieces that are disjointed and splashed across the screen. What started out one way dissolves into a cartoon with a fairy and robot and some cool music. After several minutes the song ends and the film picks up again. I didn't know whether I was watching a music video or watching a black and white version of 'My So Called Life'. I stopped the film and started over. Not much better just stalling the film and taking forever to get to the end.

    Candy's Room for the most part is about a troubled teenager who has a narcissistic view of herself and dysfunctional home life. A missing father, a promiscuous mother and the daughter who lives in a deluded world thinking everyone is obsessed with her. She has a web cam that she uses to make money and invite the world online into her room to watch her putting on LIPGLOSS!

    Another part of the puzzle is from a clinical point of view for a few days Candy was in a facility where she was counseled and her counselor gives little insight to the background of Candy's life and her delusions, while the counselor's supervisor tries to shoot down every comment Candy's counselor shares. The supervisor fills in a few blanks, but by the time the film got to the end, I was so confused I didn't care.

    The teenagers did a good job at showing immaturity and lack of self respect for others while tackling social taboos such as cutting to relieve themselves of their inner issues or using drugs to shoot up and escape the realities of their lives. Outside of typical teenager stereotype, the acting was less than mediocre it was amateurish and boorish. They would raise their voices to deliver their lines. And the opening scene with Candy standing on the downtown streets of New York, looked like a Prima-Donna preening for all to see. She carried herself like she was walking down a runway or working a corner.

    It wasn't just the acting; the back ground music was a nerving and not needed. A continual playing of background music with sound effects thrown in had me wishing I could put the volume on mute and just watch the rest of the film, but I was afraid I would miss hearing something that would make sense of what I was watching. If some of the silly sequences had been left out and more experienced actors were used this film could have been saved or at least bumped up to mediocre instead of a lost cause.

    I dislike saying things that I know will frustrate or upset a filmmaker and I do not do it out of malice or grandstanding I am giving an honest assessment more to the filmmaker in this review than to the viewer. Reviewers are helpful to movie fans looking to learn more about something before viewing it themselves. From a filmmaker's point of view, it is a testament of their work they put into the film in trying to transcend from paper to film. So, for me to criticize any film, is not a fun time for me and I hope my words do not hurt anyone's feelings. That is not my intent.

    The film had some catchy quotes and the story started out okay and then got lost in cartoons and CGI graphics which did more of disservice to this film than bringing something unique. The scratchy lines added to make it look dated was annoying and not needed. If having it in was a major deal then congratulations you succeeded in adding lines and static successfully, however it didn't add character to the film, it became a distraction and something else that was annoying.

    It seemed like every type of graphic trick needed to be explored and implemented into this film and it just did not need to be. It just killed the tone for this film. At times, I felt like I was watching a music video and not a feature film. Disjointed is the only word that comes to mind. The last 11 minutes with the voyage through space while accompanied with yet more music was unnecessary.

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this film. IMDb insists on a Ranking…so I hit two, but this film is a zero in my opinion.

    The story a dark look at one girls' life or the illusion of her life I am not even sure of what to call it, but I would definitely say pass on Candy's Room. 0 out of 5. -Char/charhardin.blogspot.com

  2. This is one of the most bizarre little Art-house flicks I have ever seen. It's entirely shot in NYC in black & white and features and electronic soundtrack by a former Kraftwerk member, what alone makes this film unique and it's produced by Hollywood director Allan A. Goldstein (Death Wish V). It's about a young girl (Francesca Dipaola -> smokin' hot!) who gets lost in dark surreal world of drugs and sex. And it's about the hell that the internet sometimes turns out to be… And if I say "hell" I really mean the place where the devil lives… Hard to describe how strange this flick is and how fantastic it is made since watching it is like living inside a dream.

    The old film effects combined with a rough pixelization makes you feel like being trapped inside the virtual internet reality version of a 40's Film Noir… It's surreal, yes, but not as half as confusing as David Lynch's Lost Highway or Mullholland Drive. It tells a straight story, so what one reviewer here wrote about it is rather a hate tirade against the filmmakers with no relation to the actual movie itself.

    Stunning imagery, fantastic score, haunting story is what you get with Candy's Room. German speaking cult cinema magazine "Splatting Image" praised it as "intoxicating and beautiful"… and that's true.

    I highly recommend this little jewel of US indie filmmaking to everyone who is interested in films by David Lynch, Peter Greenaway or Michael Almereyda.

    Maybe not for everyone, but definitely for aficionados. 9/10.

  3. Candys Room was nominated for Best Writer, Best Feature and Best actress in Downbeach film festival as well as getting rave revues such as in Splatted Image film magazine as " magical and intoxicatingly beautiful." The design and imagery is very cutting edge and may not be to the sensibilities of reviewers used to a typical linear film style. It features Manga cartoon images and an amazing soundtrack by Fernando Abrantes (former Kraftwerk member). Not everyone may be capable of getting what this experimental high brow film is. Its shot in grainy black and white and features a cast of upcoming young talented actors. Its a dark Gothic story of abandonment, violence and drugs by rich dysfunctional kids. Its not available commercially at this juncture since it is being shown in art venues and galleries.

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