DVD Centre Place

DVD Centre Place
DVD Centre Place

Run time: 100 min
Rating: 6.1
Genres: Romance
Director: Ben Shackleford
Writers: Krista Dalby, Max Dann
Stars: Julia Markovski, Sullivan Stapleton, Alison Whyte
Centre Place is a sophisticated romantic drama featuring Melbourne’s style, fashion and culture. Set in the very European boutiques, cafes and bars of Melbourne’s inner lane-ways the film focuses on the highs and lows of aspiring artist Lizzie Baxter. Lizzie is a lost soul living in denial. At 28, she would prefer to stay in a shallow relationship than take charge of her own life. This is Lizzie’s unique story but also the story of an entire generation; living in limbo and not ready to grow up. Desperate for love to be the answer to her problems, Lizzie ignores the truth about her relationship and herself. However, when Simon, her “perfectly rich and perfectly perfect” boyfriend, dumps her on the eve of their departure to Paris, Lizzie’s life goes into a tail spin. Her illusions begin to unravel when her estranged father and an old flame re enter her life, forcing her to confront her fears. In the end, Lizzie realizes that she needs to find herself before she is able to find love. … Written by Anonymous
Country: Australia
Release Date: October 2012 (Australia)
Box Office
Budget: AUD 2,000,000 (estimated)


  1. I just received a screener for this film as I write movie reviews for a small emagazine on the web. I am not particularly fond of romantic comedies and am drawn more to action and horror–and if you check out my other reviews on IMDb, those will bear this statement out–but I know a good film when I see one, and Centre Place is the Real Deal.

    It is a wonderfully sweet film about a somewhat self-centered young lady having a hard time finding happiness. When she is summarily dumped by her longtime boyfriend, she goes into crisis. The film is about how she changes her life, and how her friends and family are changed by her.

    I enjoyed everything about this film. The acting is pitch-perfect, the cinematography and set design are wonderful, and the music is tremendous. Julia Markovski plays the lead and she is totally captivating as a lost young lady trying to figure out what life has in store for her.

    The film will be released on DVD in February and it is well worth purchasing. Highly enjoyable and definitely recommended!

  2. Centre Place is a romantic drama set in Melbourne, about a young women finding out the difference between real love and the idea of love. The protagonist, Lizzie Houghton, is played by Julia Markovski, with her love interest Jamesn Ballintyne, played by Sullivan Stapleton. Their acting is a credit to the film and makes up for the lack of talent that follows. The Sub plots seem pointless and don't really go anywhere, IE the scenes with her father, also with her boss, leaving you wondering in the point of those characters…however if you approach this film with the mind set that its just a few weeks in the life of Lizzie, and don't ask questions or set expectations too high, it is quite enjoyable.

  3. Centre Place has all the right ingredients for a romantic comedy/drama for a cozy Sunday afternoon viewing. Great costumes and beautiful accessory pieces for the lead actress Julia Markovski to wear as Lizzi does work in a trendy retail shop in Centre Place which is in the heart of the fashion capital. Beautiful, amazing and lovely scenes of Melbourne- trendy lane ways (cafes, boutiques, restaurants, the river Yarra, art galleries, inner city apartments etc ) Sullivan Stapleton who plays her ex-boyfriend who helps and pushes Lizzi into pursuing into making her dreams of studying and working abroad in Paris and perhaps in the build up to final scene is their feelings mutual? Will they rekindle their long lost relationship after twelve years apart bring them together?

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