Run time: 98 min
Rating: 3.9
Genres: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi
Director: Darrin Dickerson
Writers: Darrin Dickerson
Stars: Vicki Askew, Ella Bell, Eric Berner
D4 follows a team of special ops mercenaries on a mission to rescue a kidnapped kid believed to be held in an abandoned government facility. Hired by the boy’s mother, a wealthy doctor with high reaching influence, all seems to be an easy job. But as things unfold, what was meant to be a simple search and rescue turns into a fight for survival Written by The Film Catalogue
Plot Keywords: number in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 7 July 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $35,000 (estimated)


  1. So, I watched this film, largely because all of the reviews claimed what an indie masterpiece this was. I'll admit is was a piece of something. The acting isn't too bad, but the editing sucks. There are large unnatural pauses in dialogue that grates on my mind like nails on a chalkboard. The story is OK, but totally unbelievable. A man's grandson is kidnapped and he doesn't call the cops? Because some guy in a stairwell told him they wouldn't believe him? Come on! I can't believe I wasted this much of my life on such a crap movie. They keep referring to a "beast" as an it, like it were a non-human animal, but it clearly was human. I also loved the lack of muzzle flashes on the weapons. All they did was play the sound of a gun firing. In fact most of the audio was like that. Just clearly added after the fact with no visual cue to associate it with. This is a typical B movie. Nothing more, nothing less. I guess I was just hyped into believing it was better than it was.

  2. WOW!!! this movie doesn't even belong on the sci fi channel..the cg/acting/script/camera/everything was just plain bad..i can't believe the reviews people wrote about the horrible movie..OBVIOUSLY someone was getting paid for that review and rating..my max rating on this is maybe a 2 and that's being generous..please avoid this dreadful movie..at all cost..the script was boring and the acting was just plain cheesy and overdone/underdone..either way the actors need to get a refund from whatever acting school they paid for..i think i've seen better at high school plays..the graphics look like they were done in the early 90's..or a kid trying to edit a video..please stay away from this trash..

  3. I originally saw this movie at a film festival and determined its a must have movie. This movie has action, adventure and drama! This film delivers even on a budget. Viewers are left wanting and waiting for a sequel. The actors in this film deliver a riveting performance and the story is very impactful. Vicki Askew & Jaimee Gray Simon are beautiful additions to the cast and 'Big' Mike Ulm is just fearsome looking as The Beast. Darrin Dickerson went well above and beyond with this multiple award winning film. As I have told many of my friends you would do yourself a disservice of not having this movie as part of your collection.

  4. My brother sent me this DVD as a Christmas gift and we finally got around to watching it. I was a little hesitant because monster movies aren't really my thing. It was low budget and I do mean very low budget, but for what they spent on it, they sure did get far. I've seen big budget movies that Hollywood cranks out not come anywhere close to as good in terms of story or pacing but these guys did a really fine job. I read that they shot this in two weeks in the mountains which is pretty darn amazing. Most people have no idea what it means to make a movie but my boyfriend and I are avid film buffs and we've learned a lot about indie filmmaking after watching boatloads of flicks at film festivals all over the country (he drives a truck and sometimes I tag along and we catch festivals occasionally)….well needless to say, a lot of people hate on movies because they just want to be picky but I've certainly come to appreciate every level of movie but the one thing I've learned that matters the most is the story. I read a little about D-4 right before we watched it and I found out about the director's son being an epileptic and that being the inspiration for the monster in the movie…now i don't know about you but that is just sad and inspiring at the same time. How many horror movies or action movies take the time to put a piece of themselves up there on the screen? I'm going to watch D-4 again with my parents because I think they would really like it if I told them about the metaphors in it.

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