DVD Dahmer vs. Gacy

DVD Dahmer vs. Gacy
DVD Dahmer vs. Gacy

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 2.4
Genres: Action | Comedy | Horror
Director: Ford Austin
Writers: Andrew J. Rausch, Chris Watson
Stars: Ford Austin, Art LaFleur, Randal Malone
A secret government has been trying to create the ultimate killer using the DNA of infamous killers Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, but there’s one big problem: they’ve escaped! Bloody mayhem stretches across the United States as they go on the ultimate killing spree. Trying to stop the maniacal madness is Ringo, a hick warrior, using only a shotgun and a bottle of whiskey. It all leads up to the ultimate showdown! Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: jeffrey dahmer, killing spree, serial killer, first part, versus in title
Country: USA
Release Date: 31 October 2010 (UK)


  1. This movie tries to do a couple things, and fails at every one. It tries to be gory, And unless you find splattered Smuckers strawberry jam gory, it fails. It tries to be hip and ironically funny, the "so stupid it's funny" cult flick. It fails at this more miserably than anything else. The acting is bad, the direction….I don't even know what to say other than to ask if there was an actual director there every day, the production value would make high school digital media classes shake their heads in shame. FAIL FAIL FAIL. Do anything other than watch this movie, laundry, wash your hair, scrub the floors, repeatedly hit your temple with a ball peen hammer, ANYTHING other than watch this movie.

  2. Well, this was the most badly made film that was oddly funny that I've seen since Postal. Dahmer and Gacy are cloned, break out, kill people, and a mad man sent by God hunts them down along with evil ninjas! This is a very cartoon like horror film, like a Japan splatter flick. Think a pretty tame version of robo-geisha.

    Only here, half the kills happen off screen and we simply hear about them in news reports. Ya, that was kind of odd. Felt like the makers of the film were trying to slam media and news in general. Well, I guess it is fair to nit pick current news, but when the smartest thing you can present for your own side of media is a girl screaming the f word for no less then ten minutes or Dahmer raping a guy to cheesy love music, you don't really have that much to complain about.

    You will get a few laughs, but all and all, this obviously is a very poor movie. Best part of the flick was God.

    I would suggest it for a dumb movie night with friends.

  3. I love this movie! Like the other reviewer, I'm rating it higher than it deserves to balance out the disturbing personal attack that tried to pass as a review. It's not perfect, but any movie that makes me laugh this hard deserves praise.

    Ford Austin does great job with both Dahmer and Ringo. Bonnie Aarons is a pleasure to watch.

    My main complaints – The faux-meta scene where the general and her staffer talk about how the plot of the movie would make a horrible movie…"worse than Plan 9". This kind of preciousness should be scratched from this and all movies. It's why I hate Troma.

    Watch this and enjoy!

  4. This is one of the worst movies ever made. Ford Austin and his partner Marc Wasserman team up to make movies with a small 7D Canon, and then they throw big parties to celebrate their lack of any creative achievement. The purpose of making films is misunderstood by these uninformed and untalented men.

    I'm not sure if this is a comedy or a horror or a thriller. None of them fit.

    FOrd Austin and Marc Wasserman avoid their usual tactic of adding their names to others unfinished films such as Showgirls 2, for credit, and they make this home video on their own using something that looks like ketchup for blood. This didn't get large distribution and is self distributed by friends online with small distribution.

    There is no main character in the film, and Marc Wasserman tries his best to act like a real actor in this, but failed. The lighting is different in continuation scenes, and production value is confusingly lower than small budget. IT looks like a couple friends decided to film in their yard on Halloween, then attempt to make a movie from it while filling in padding from the B- roll footage.

    I give it no stars.

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