DVD Darling

DVD Darling
DVD Darling

Rating: 7.3
Genres: Romance
Director: A. Karunakaran
Stars: Prabhas, Kajal Agarwal, Shradha Das
Hanumantha Rao and Vishwanath are old college buddies. Their young children, Prabha and Nandini respectively, are also friends. But in the 1980’s they are separated as Vishwanath moves with his family from India to Switzerland. Years pass and Prabha is now a grown man and a leader of music group. When he rejects the advances of gangster’s daughter, he finds himself in hot water. The gangster tries to force Prabha into marriage, and the only way to save himself is to convince the sentimental don that his heart is already taken. Prabha begins to narrate the story of his journey to Switzerland where he crossed paths once again with his childhood sweetheart Nandini… Written by L. Hamre
Plot Keywords: switzerland, gangster, 1980s, india, storytelling
Country: India
Release Date: 23 April 2010 (India)


  1. Prabhas being depicted as a lover boy with loose fitting costumes is a new try.it suits him well too. Kajal is so cute and shares a cool chemistry with Prabhas. The fake flashback Prabhas tells to Mukesh Rishi is interesting. It is entertaining to watch that the plans Prabhas and his friends plot, flop every time. Prabhas and Prabhu make a nice son and dad. After all the stunts,when Mukesh Rishi weeps on hearing Kajal's pleading,is a nice hilarious ending. G.V.Prakash is really a melody maker.Inkayedho and Nuvve songs are superb melody numbers.Bulle is a good peppy number. Darling is a watch worthy entertainer.

  2. Excellent Performance by Prabhas, Kajal. Good Comedy. Excellent choreography and picturazitaion. Excellent songs. Excellent love story and drection by karunakaran. good fights.

    over all the movie is good. can rewatch the movie.

    better then simha movie.

    this is worth watching movie.

    Prabhas' (Prabhas) father (Prabhu) had a group of friends who decide to meet once in five years. They settle in different places across the world and in India and could not meet again. Prabhas is a little poor in studies and somehow completes his degree. He is love with Nandini (Kajal) his childhood friend and the daughter of one of his father's friends (Ahuti Prasad). Though they did not meet each other, Prabhas develops his love in his heart. Once another friend of Prabhas' dad visit their house to announce that all the friends are visiting his village to spend a week's time there. Prabhas is so delighted to learn this and eagerly awaits Nandini. Meanwhile, one of the juniors among girls (Shraddha Das) of Prabhas, who is the daughter of a factionist proposes to him, but the latter negates it as he is already in love with Nandini. So, she attempts suicide. Her father (Mukhesh Rushi) who loves his daughter very much threatens to kill Prabhas' friends if he doesn't marry his daughter. But Prabhas somehow convinces him by narrating a fictitious love story to him. Later, all the old friends meet in a village and Prabhas comes across the grown up Nandini. He tries to impress her in so many ways, but she did not respond to any of his tricks. How, Prabhas impressed Nandini? Did Nandini really not love Prabhas or just pretended to tease him? What happened to the fate of the girl who loved Prabhas? Why Prabhas' father wanted to marry her to another person instead of his son? Did Prabhas and Nandini unite or not? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


    The performance of Prabhas is the highlight of the film. He was so soft and looked very handsome in the movie. Thanks to the cinematographer and make-up man, who perfectly followed the instructions of the director in giving the hero in a new look. Another highlight of the film is the stylish action scenes. Peter Haynes needs to be complimented for choreographing the action scenes with good precision. He used very less thread work and avoided cinematic thrills while shooting the action scenes. Above all, it is the directorial ability and perfect screenplay that could be said as the highlight of the movie as the director ran a delicate story with good precision and the movement of the film, which is basically a love story, with different action scenes at different intervals. As a whole he made the film very interesting and lovable.


    Music by GV Prakash Kumar is a big let down in the film. Had the tunes were impressive worth foot-tapping and the lyrics are catchy, the film would have been a bigger hit than now. Even he spoiled the re-recording too and the music failed to elevate the depth of the subject in any given point of time. However, the choreography of songs are good in some of the songs. But for the technique used in the screenplay, the film would have been very boring. The abrupt ending of Shraddha Das' character could also be called as one of the minus points in the movie.


    The flashback episode shot in Switzerland impresses the audiences and the audiences are in for a surprise when the truth was revealed that it is nothing but a fiction. Such trick was never played by any director earlier. The film had the traces of some earlier films, reunion of friends, trials to impress the heroine and using a child in the love thread etc. Prabhas' performance and Kajal's glamour would be a visual treat, while comedy by Srinivasa Reddy and Dhamavarapu would tickle the funny bones of audiences. Director Karunakaran succeeded in highlighting a new artiste in Prabhas. The production values of Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra India Pvt Ltd are laudable and once again BVSN Prasad gave another big hit to Prabhas.

  3. A blockbuster entertainer and a complete family film i must say it appeals to every kind of audience… even though i don't know Telugu but i've really enjoyed this film. Having a real good script to back it with superb performance by Prabhas and charming Kajal who has everything for me to fall for her!With an thrilling start the film cruises towards the interval with real good twist and turns when they (Prabhas and Kajal) actually meet up… and then the picnic stay is full fun when some good songs in-between… not to tell too much about the story i bet the ending is equally awesome with some real good action by Prabhas… man this Actor is the flourishing actor in Telugu cinema i must admit… Kajal so serene she looks equally good in the beginning and also later in more Indian outfits… God she's immensely Pretty when in Saris… I feel I'm the one who's in move with her…Anywayas this movie will guarantee you good Pace through along with some sweet Emotional moments which are equally relishing after-all its also about True Friendship… It truly deserves my rating 9/10…

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