DVD Dhrona 2010

DVD Dhrona 2010
DVD Dhrona 2010

Run time: 150 min
Rating: 3.5
Genres: Action | Drama | Horror
Director: Shaji Kailas
Writers: A.K. Sajan
Stars: Mammootty, Jayakumar, Manoj K. Jayan
Kunjunni played by Mammootty buys a haunted Bunglaw in a village named ‘Chembara’. And one day, Kunjunni gets killed. Everyone believes that it was because of the haunted mansion. His elder brother (Mammootty) returns to the village to seek the revenge and the mystery revealed. Written by Ajeesh Madhava Vijayan
Country: India
Release Date: 27 January 2010 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 35,000,000 (estimated)

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  1. Shaji Kailas finally understands that shaking the camera or sizzling up the frames with over-edgy editing can induce only nausea for viewers. After the headache of 'Sound Of Boot' and 'Red Chillies', he delivers a movie without his irritating technical gimmicks. Now swap the non-existent storyline with a good one, and we may actually end up getting a quality movie from this once promising director. Coming to the movie, the performances of Mammootty and Manoj K. Jayan, are the only redeeming factors apart from Shaji's toned down edginess. The storyline is a mess and A.K. Saajan has borrowed ideas from movies ranging from Manichithrathazhu to his solo good movie Chinthamani Kolacase. Unwarranted comedy sequences (the bane of Malayalam movies nowadays) and zero suspense reduces the movie to be a prescription for insomnia at least a couple of times during its running time. The supernatural angle of the movie is sketchily described and the plot holes left in this process is too glaring to overlook. It's not a good movie by any means; but Shaji has bettered his previous horrible movies with a bad movie – that is comforting. (3.5 / 10)

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