DVD Emulation

DVD Emulation
DVD Emulation

Run time: 84 min
Rating: 3.4
Genres: Action | Adventure | Thriller
Director: Tom Getty
Writers: Tom Getty
Stars: Steven Chiado, Christian M. Condrick, Chuck Getty
Yesterday Noah Wilson was an average college student– today he is the FBI’s Most Wanted. He is a fugitive on the run. But why an average college student? Enter the Emulation corp., a company that provides for you the experience of living life through your favorite movie. For Noah however, his movie has spiraled out of control. What begins as a simple thriller– eliminate the CIA mole, save the day– progresses into a real-life murder case; himself the main suspect! Written by Anonymous
Country: USA


  1. All the other reviewers and raters have got to be involved with the movie. To say this movie is made by amateurs would be an understatement. The scenes seem like they were all filmed at friends homes and the university were these kids probably attend. I can understand and forgive the obviously low budget that this movie was made on.

    What I can't forgive was the terrible acting, writing and directing. Seriously it looks like all the actors were the director/lead actors friends or perhaps fellow classmates who could provide a camera, maybe some editing or just a warm body.

    The acting and writing were sub par for even a student film. I would only recommend it to other student film makers as a study in what not to do. Film making like most everything else requires a lot of forethought planning, rewrites, story boarding, actual casting etc before filming the first scene. It's not just hey I have an idea and lets start shooting. Have some respect the the medium.

  2. This movie was complete drivel from the week plot, terrible acting and schizophrenic directing. Quite frankly I am surprised that it has a high rating though assume the people who made this blackmailed their family and friends to give it a good rating. Do yourself a favour and watch anything made by kids in your local neighborhood with a cell phone as it is likely to be more interesting than this movie.

    A note to the writers of this movie: Just because you have an idea for a story it does not mean that it should be made into a movie. Maybe run your ideas past someone not related to you first so that they can tell you to head back to the drawing board.

  3. I watched the movie last night and I've to say that the plot was great. Its a mix of "The Game" and a bit of "Total Recall". So I must congratulate the writer for that.

    From my point of view, the big problem with this movie is just that from the beginning you will not believe that the story is real, because the actors chosen to be the FBI are just to young. An the escape for the police detention facility is just TOO EASY.

    The performance of the main character is awesome but the support actors not that great. The girlfriend is just unbelievable, she does show any emotion at all…

    So to sum it up, congratulations Tom Getty. Don't get me wrong, I like your performance like I said, but the movie needs a remake with another actors to meet it's full potential.

  4. A lot of the other reviewers (as of July 2013) are lying through their teeth about this being a quality, exciting, well acted or well directed film. Truth is that this film is an example of novice film making gone awry. Although the general idea for the plot is creative, the film's use of non-actors in major character roles, its novice level direction, along with its very poor editing make this film as one that is almost entirely impossible to get through without fast forwarding and skipping scenes altogether. But, the question I ask myself is whether it's the worst movie I've ever seen??? My honest answer is a solid, unequivocal Yes.

    Nevertheless, I do congratulate the kid who tried to pull this off simply for his courage to try to do so. However, I after shooting first scene or two I have to fault him for his time wasting foolishness for thinking that this film was going to turn out being anything but a complete and total failure.

    Any producer/director worth his salt would know when to fold up the production and patiently wait until the film could resume with competent actors and production staff. I'd assume that the kid who made this film was well aware shortly after filming began that it was going to be a failure but was too intimidated by the thought of having to tell his friends and family that he needed to replace them. It's a hard thing to tell a friend, who has put a lot of time and effort into helping you fulfill a dream, that their efforts diminish the value of the film's quality, but that's the price of the leadership role you have assumed in trying to make this movie.

    If I were the producer/director of this film and had any aspirations of making it in the film industry, the first thing I would do is to ensure that every copy is destroyed and pulled from the internet so that no one in the film business could ever see it in the future and form a derogatory opinion of me when considering me for film work. It's simply a shame that it's been registered on IMDb because it's now more difficult to hide it. This is not a film making effort to be proud of, but is instead one to take a hard look at evaluate the reasoning and causality behind its criticisms and simply learn from it. I'd also ask my friends and family who posted those overtly enthusiastic reviews to go back and correct them with what they really think of the film.

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