DVD Engagement

DVD Engagement
DVD Engagement

Run time: 83 min
Rating: 4.9
Genres: Mystery | Thriller
Director: Jon Lefkovitz
Writers: Jon Lefkovitz
Stars: Andrew Perez, Erika Rankin, Bob Turton
Henry has just learned that his fiancée Carolyn has a twin sister, Laura. While Carolyn leaves town for a few weeks, Laura temporarily moves in to Henry and Carolyn’s apartment. Upon Laura’s arrival, Henry suspects that Carolyn is testing his fidelity by playing the role of her imaginary twin sister. He immediately starts searching for clues to solve this haunting mystery. Soon, Laura’s mind games prove too much for Henry, who can’t help but be seduced all over again. In this Hitchcockian psychological thriller, the ultimate commitment is a mysterious gateway into madness. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: twin sister, masturbation, murder
Country: USA
Release Date: 19 June 2012 (USA)

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  1. Painful filmmaking. Generally a disappointing ultra-indie film with fair production value at best; nothing more than an extended student film here. Acting is catatonic at best, the sound designer apparently missing in action throughout the entire film, and the dreadful script offers a lethal dose of boredom. Kuhnz' cinematography is good and carries the film, and I suspect this is why I felt compelled to sit through the entire 83 grueling minutes. Perhaps unknown to the filmmakers, the script is reminiscent of the Magnum P.I. episode, Echoes of the Mind, with guest star Sharon Stone. A budding actress at the time, Stone's character is a psychotic slut with a sadistic sister. Engagement's apathetic ending suffers from lack of any direction, yet ultimately offers relief in that the film is finally over. Once again, tricked by the trailer! Please keep perfecting your craft Mr. Lefkovitz, but before your next project, may I suggest watching a few of Kubrick's gems for inspiration.

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