DVD Escape from Uganda

DVD Escape from Uganda
DVD Escape from Uganda

Rating: 6.4
Genres: Thriller
Director: Rajesh Nair
Writers: Rajesh Nair
Stars: Vijay Babu, Rima Kallingal, Parthiban
Plot Keywords: prison, murder, escape
Country: Uganda
Release Date: 29 November 2013 (Uganda)
Box Office
Budget: $1,600,000 (estimated)


  1. The movie give a lot of expectation through his name itself..But the crew failed to fulfill the expectation of viewers..! Shikha Samuel (Rima Kallingal), along with her husband Jayakrishnan (Vijay Babu), has chosen of all places in the world, Uganda, to find refuge in, after her family in Kerala objects to their marriage..! The movie narrates the escape of Rima from the prison after accused a crime on her.

    We can see some unbelievable story throughout the second half.Acting by main crew is OK and Rima has been done some action seen too.The main crew also include lot of South African actors and they also done an average job.

    It just failed to full fill the initial hype and not up to the mark.

  2. I was watching this movie with high anticipation and I liked the start and all until the sequence where Rima's character tries to tell her husband about the incident and knock knock comes the police. This scene reminded me of Next 3 days where in Rusell Crowe dons the character of husband and Elizabeth banks as wife who is convicted of the crime. "Next 3 days" is even a remake of another french movie called "Pour Elle". I have watched two versions so I just forwarded the scenes in the DVD to check whether I am right. And Yes I am right and don't want to watch another version of same story. So I can't really tell about their acting,directing etc. Only hope it does justice 2 the originals. For the brave attempt and money spent in Uganda I rate this.

  3. I cannot think about this film and resist myself from laughing because every single factor is flawed. Except Rima Kallingal's performance. She did quite a nice job but that fails to save the film from self- destruction.

    The film starts its parade of flaws when characters behave mysteriously. After having allegedly involved in a murder crime, the viewers are directly shown the protagonist to be in a jail. Whatever happened to the trial?! Not flashing the facts right, the writers jump to conclusions & try to directly round up on the thriller factor. The second half is dangerously confusing because some Tamil speaking, over-smart hotshot comes out of nowhere and we realize later about few twists. And these twists look so fabricated, television serials will fail in front of it.

    It is just an attempt to make a Mallu film based on Hollywood prison break classics including The Shawshank Redemption.

    I strictly got refracted from the blown-off plot. Lots of foreign dialogs annoyed me. The technical factors were not good, as well. Terrible slow motion shots, useless sequences, exaggerated points & erroneous dialogs. And what was Vijay Babu trying to do here? If he meant acting then I am sorry to say, he is ridiculous.

    BOTTOM LINE: Just another hyped-up pot-boiler which is neither inventive nor of foreign standards as the title may suggest. Avoidable!

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