DVD Fast Lane

DVD Fast Lane
DVD Fast Lane

Rating: 3.6
Genres: Action | Drama
Director: David Betances
Writers: David Betances, David Betances
Stars: Melina Lizette, Kenyetta Lethridge, Steven Bauer
A high-speed accident on the freeways of Los Angeles reveals a turf war between two competing car theft rings of sexy all-girl crews. Brandy Martinez, a young streetwise cop is assigned by lieutenant Baynes (Steven Bauer) to go undercover and infiltrate one of the crews. When Brandy falls for Carlo, an undercover cop also investigating the gangs, the two find themselves in the middle of a treacherous game of survival with everything exploding around them. Written by Cover
Plot Keywords: car racing
Country: USA
Release Date: 22 January 2014 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $5,000,000 (estimated)


  1. None! That's the biggest thing that hurts an otherwise watchable low budget effort.

    The acting is passable, the lead in particular is pretty good by the last scenes. There are a lot of nice cars and attractive girls to look at, which I think redeems the movie a bit.

    There's nothing new here as far as the plot goes. However there are some decent twists throughout that save it from being completely predictable.

    Overall I'd say:

    Watch it if you are curious.

    Don't expect Fast and the Furious.

  2. Tonight I saw the movie I had been rejecting to see before. And that is with a reason – it felt kinda cheap ever since I saw the poster.

    The soap-opera acting quality was expected for a car-action movie, so I suppose the actors have my forgiveness for that. The actors are all great-looking (especially the actresses), but that's pretty corny if you ask me.

    Now, the cars are the best deal for watching this movie, but don't expect too much. No car chases in a car movie would be unforgivable! You need only two cars to make a good chase, but with so many in this movie, the combinations could be uncountable. Still, no car chase could be seen, which leaves a car lover bitterly disappointed.

    I wonder if the director has seen his movie after his work was done. I mean, he had great cars, a suitable acting crew and some plot, why couldn't he make it more dramatic? Comparing to some more serious car movies, this looks like a 3-minute cartoon with cool chicks and nice cars.

    After seeing this movie I feel like I saw a snapshot from a car fair.

    If it were in school, the mark would be a "fragile D" with a note following: "You could do much better than this." 5/10

  3. From the first frame I was cringing at the film quality…I don't honestly know how they can make a film look this bad these days…your typical home hand held delivers better quality and more natural lighting. How this film ever made it to filming is a miracle. I feel ANYONE with a even the remotest of imagination could write, direct and produce a more enjoyable movie experience. Wedding videos offer more entertainment.

    Filming is day time soap opera at best.The nightly news is filmed in better quality…the script is horrible, a 12 yr old could write more interesting believable dialog. If you're into cheese this may be for you so feel free to watch it…otherwise your time is better spent watching paint dry.

  4. Steven Bauer "stars" and produced this tale of a cop going under cover to break warring auto theft rings.

    After a great opening of a girl in a bathroom witnessing a murder, the film slides in to mediocrity by a couple of sequences that are explained via "radio calls" and text on the screen and too much voice over. Its an 80 minute movie, show us the stuff. If the filmmakers had been clever they would have come up with a way to make this more exciting. As its stands now outside of the opening things never really take off. Also they should have gotten better actors. Most of the actors are fine but a couple of the women are not so good and I was laughing at the film for the wrong reasons.

    This a cheap production that just doesn't work.

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