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DVD Favor
DVD Favor

Run time: 102 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Thriller
Director: Paul Osborne
Writers: Paul Osborne
Stars: Blayne Weaver, Patrick Day, Jeffrey Combs
Kip’s perfect life is put in jeopardy when the waitress with whom he’s having a casual fling is accidentally killed in their motel room. Desperate, he turns to childhood friend and loser, Marvin, to help get rid of the body. Marvin agrees which begins the unraveling of their friendship and ultimately leads both to murderous acts they never thought themselves capable of. Written by Leslie Wimmer Osborne
Country: USA
Release Date: 5 April 2013 (USA)


  1. "Favor" is a rather low-budget film by filmmakers with rather limited experience. The writer/director, Paul Osborne, for instance has only a few credits to his name and the two stars have a decent number of credits—but not as leading men. Yet, interestingly, despite its cheapness, the film doesn't look cheap and is an unusual and exciting little thriller. Also, the actors didn't look like actors and this makes the film seem much more realistic than a film with big-name Hollywood stars. I like films like this, as it feels like you are discovering something yet to be discovered by everyone else.

    When the film begins, it dives right into the plot. Kip (Blayne Weaver) is upset and desperate when he shows up at his childhood friend's home. Marvin (Patrick Day) says he is more than glad to help and offers to do anything to help. Perhaps he spoke too soon, as Kip informs him that his mistress has just slipped and fell and died in a nearby motel room— and he wants Marvin to hide the body! After all, Kip reasons, he doesn't want to lose his wife or have it hurt his career! Marvin tells Kip not to worry and takes care of the 'problem'. Not surprisingly, this is NOT the end of the problem—otherwise it would only be a 15 minute movie! Serious complications arise and the apparent moral of the film is that if you want something right, you ought to do it yourself!

    Soon, Marvin begins stopping by Kip's house and job all sorts of hours— often to chat or talk about the burial. This is bad enough, but soon Marvin begins asking Kip for all sorts of favors. First, he wants Kip to get him a date—but Marvin is out of work and rather boorish, so this is not small task! And, when this doesn't work out, Marvin feels that Kip has let him down and is angry! Second, Kip needs an assistant at work and Marvin INSISTS that Kip should hire him—even though he's grossly under-qualified and gets Kip in hot water with his boss for hiring such an incompetent. Third, Marvin asks Kip for a loan of $5000! The favors Marvin keeps asking seem to have no end and when Kip has finally had enough, Marvin becomes angry—very, very, very angry. And, when this moment occurs, the film starts to get very strange and very violent. Where all this goes is something to see, as there are some very interesting twists and turns—and they are sure to leave you guessing.

    This is a very exciting thriller and is worth seeing. It isn't perfect, as there are a few amazingly brutal and disturbing scenes which I think could have been handled a bit less violently (yes, I am a bit squeamish and didn't need to see such realistic murders). Also, when you really think about what's happening, it really seems far-fetched. Yet, it's constructed so well that you'll probably find yourself like me—willing to suspend disbelief and able to buy into the story. Well done and I hope to see more from these folks.

    By the way, I noticed one reviewer complained about fake reviews. This IS a serious problem and I've noticed several bad films with suspiciously glowing reviews (by reviewers with no other reviews to their credit). However, "Favor" is a very good film, so I am inclined to believe the other reviews.

  2. I went into this movie knowing nothing at all about it, so perhaps that's one of the reasons I scored it so highly. Sometimes it's great to just watch a movie for the sake of watching it rather then go in expecting something only to be disappointed.

    The story is not new, but the way it's delivered is quite good and not what I expected at all.

    I have never heard of any of the actors in this piece and given their sometimes wooden acting and sheer (seemingly) lack of talent helps deliver this movie in a fashion I'm certainly not familiar with. I am hoping that the actors were directed in such a fashion as to seem wooden and inexperienced to add to the impact they have on the audience.

    There are some rather ridiculous moments of 'special effects' but I'm not going to detract too much from the movie for what seem like 'after thoughts'. There are a couple of bad editing points, I can't fathom why they needed two Toyota Camry's, but clearly there is more then one and in a couple of scenes there is some annoying lens reflection, but I guess most wont notice anyway. Why do I bring these items up???, well I am of the opinion that this movie was a fluke, however I'm not totally convinced, but it seems to me that if you take an old script use unknown actors, use poor visual effects combined with poor camera work and still have a winning combination it's either a fluke or bloody good direction. I'm not knowledgeable enough on the director nor the actors to offer an 'informed opinion', but let's hope the next movie from Paul Osborne shows me that it was great work from him that pleased me so much about this movie.

    Overall I was glued to this movie for the simple fact that the actors had me wondering if they could deliver the goods, they delivered in spades as did the director, as mentioned the script is by no means new, but it has some interesting twists and turns that carry the movie and keep you guessing, to turn a old script into something that is interesting and is not 'too' predictable is an achievement in itself.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.


  3. This feels so much like a Nineties suspense/thriller and it really plays like one. There are almost no cellphones used, and the way in which the scenes were shot really felt like the simpler lighting, and low definition. That is the setting for the most part, and once past this you can get to the meat of the movie, which is in no way perfect, but has some good strong acting, and you can see the effort on the screen. The story flows with a few stutters, and backtracks on itself a lot, however you do get good tensions between the characters, and even though the shots were way too claustrophobicly close up when they did not all have to be, even the boardroom stuff is passable for the acting if nothing else. Speaking of nothing else though there is nothing more that saves this movie, the story is crooked, and connivingly obvious, and it still thinks that it is fooling you when it does the inevitable. So I think that I Enjoyed the acting in this movie by both of the leads Good, or Evil, you have to decide, and the supporting cast were really the big strength of the movie more than just a cameo by Jeffrey Combs is still just filler if you look at it on it's own, but worth my time. I only recommend this to fans of Nineties suspense, or Fifties to Eighties B-movies as that is all you will really be getting here.

  4. Check if they are breathing…

    The whole plot surrounding the death of Abby wasn't very believable. Most people would have the common sense to check if she was still breathing before concluding that she's dead. It's a bit unconvincing when both of the main characters don't bother to check for her breathing, and neither of them questioned whether she was really dead. Then, when she woke up in the car, it wasn't explained very well why he ultimately decided to kill her anyway. He could've just drove her home and made up a story about why she was in his car.

    Ultimately the characters in this movie can only be described as "stupid" and lacking in judgment.

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