DVD Final: The Rapture

DVD Final: The Rapture
DVD Final: The Rapture

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 8.2
Genres: Thriller
Director: Timothy A. Chey
Writers: Timothy A. Chey
Stars: Jah Shams, Mary Grace, Carman
Breathtaking, gripping, layered, and astonishing, FINAL is a gritty, international tale of four separate stories woven together by a common theme: the Rapture. In Los Angeles, Colin Nelson desperately attempts to flee to Bora Bora. Keenly aware that he’s in the Tribulation period, his only hope is in a mysterious man named Frankie. In Tokyo, a covert agent, Masashi, tries to unravel the disappearance of millions of people as the government closes in on him. In Rio De Janeiro, Marie searches for her final relative as time runs out. And on a deserted island in the South Pacific, Tom Wiseman, an avowed atheist, attempts to be rescued after his plane goes down. Bold in scope, FINAL will captivate you from the very first page to the stunning, tear-jerking end. Written by Linda Albright
Plot Keywords: rapture, eschatology, rapture aftermath, end times, end of the world
Country: USA, Japan, Argentina, Costa Rica
Release Date: 13 September 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $18,129 (USA) (20 September 2013)
Gross: $92,100 (USA) (31 January 2014)


  1. This film is four movies in one. Enjoyable the first time you watch it, even more enjoyable the second time round (I watched it with my family twice at the theaters – not kidding) The first viewing asks questions that are answered in an 'I could kick myself' moment in the final few minutes, and the second viewing is interesting because when you know the answers, the film becomes that much clearer. It requires a certain amount of commitment, though. Be warned, if you stop concentrating for a moment then the remaining running time of the movie will be spent trying to figure out how what you missed has lead to what you are now watching. Especially the Japanese story.

    The character Colin is good, but not flawless, as the tortured NBA player who is torn between his career and his wife – none of it matters because he's so LEFT BEHIND. I never felt it gave motive enough for his actions throughout the movie. The professor guys is so wonderful as the anti-Christian professor and is effective with the results both cunning and tragic. The real star of the movie, however, is a strangely accented Japanese man who has no name. He effortlessly plays a character of terrible coolness and poker-faced efficiency leading the dance that the rest of the characters must follow. His ending speech left me in chills

    the film has done well to bring such a momentous and involved screenplay to life and any gripes I may have cannot detract from the fact that the film, as a whole, is much better than the sum of its parts. I'm a journalist for my school's newspaper and review films. I must say this is one of the best films I've seen in a while, not just because I'm religious, but because it was extremely moving and entertaining too. What if it's true that Jesus Christ will come back? Better think about that one

  2. I saw the film last night at Edwards theater….the movie is one of the most courageous films I have seen in a long time, one of the most daring. It's themes of religion are scary to anyone seeing it, on whichever side you are on….I do not really understand the ending, but this is a film that goes where rarely any films go, and should be seen by anyone. I am surprised I had never heard of it….I feel God led me to see this film….I almost missed it to watch a dumb soccer game!

    So really no matter how you feel about this movie, you'll still get intrigued by it. This is a great power that this movie has and the foremost reason why I actually ultimately ended up liking it, even though I didn't always understood what was going on exactly.

  3. As a pastor, I'm going to be honest, walking into the theater last week I was expecting a mild-mannered Christian film. What I got instead was a sock in the face; a deeply- moving movie with the correct interpretation of the Book of Revelation and a whole lot of things to think about also.

    What other movie delves into God and the Bible so vividly?

    Not even the Left Behind series did that. Call it what you will, but WHY are you seeing it? What is God showing you or revealing himself in you. I liked the scene very much where the heroine says how God spoke to her at the ocean.

    God speaks to you everyday, but are you listening? The Book of Revelation talks about the end times before Christ returns. If you believe in Jesus Christ, believe in his return for this saints in the rapture.

    God bless you all!

  4. A pithy warning here: This move is message-heavy. Not a joke. However, it's a brilliant film. I work at UCLA and I'm very picky about films. Story, characters, script, screen play, production values all focused on creating a truly memorable work of art here. I saw it in Los Angeles at a red-carpet premiere. A movie I would never get tired of watching, a fantastic piece of entertainment. Evokes the sort of emotion that only those really special movies can. Certainly the best movie of the "end times" genre, but transcends any category to stand out as one of the greatest movies ever made. You laugh, but wait till you see it. The people who saw this on its opening weekend must have been awe struck and amazed. I heard some lady became 'born-again' in the lobby, that's crazy. Did you hear that? I'm still searching for a movie that can get the same response from people, regardless of age, gender, creed or colour. Just an amazing example of how good you can make something, if you really care about the end product. Not being a religious person at all, I was worried that the Biblical aspects of the film were gonna ruin the film, make it too cheesy and what not. However that doesn't happen. I was kind of awe-struck by how untimid the film is. My wife drags me to see these boring films, but at least this never was that. It made me think even though it's very message-heavy.

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